10 Year Old Girl Had Twins

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Jenn - December 10

Hi ladies, just wanted to share this, my hub came home from work yesterday and a gal he works with has a mom that is an OBGYN and she delivered twins to this kid this week, isn't that insane. The guy that got her pregnant is 15, she said he was there for the birth. So was her mom. I couldn't believe it. When she is 20, she'll have ten year olds, I couldn't imagine.....


Liz - December 10

OMG do ten year old have periods now? I didn't.


Amanda R - December 10

I had my first period when I was 10. 'Course I didn't have another one for like 2 years, then they became regular. Sounds like her Mom is pretty supportive, guess she will have a major role in raising them.


Jennifer - December 10

Thats crazy I didn't even know girls got their periods that early..wow


Lisastar9 - December 10

I think it's genetic to get periods so early but not in my family.


to Jenn - December 10

That is insane. Wtf? It's a scary world.


Fatima - December 10

I got my period at 10 and so did my mom.


sparkles - December 11

It's great that the mom is supposedly supportive of her..........but where was she when her ten year old was having s_x?!? Really, what's this world coming to?!


Drew - December 11

Sparkles, I totally agree. She obviously didn't do so hot with her own, God help those twins!


rizo123ex4 - December 11

my dd is 10 and she does not have af


Trish - December 12

I agree with sparkles and drew. I didnt get my periods till 15 but cant believe her mom was so irresponsible to let her go around with a 15 year old. I would be devastated cos the girl herself never will get to really enjoy her teens.


dang! - December 12

Never judge a woman till you've walked a mile in her mocasins. it's a real shame about the girl, though. when I was 10 there was a girl in my cla__s that got prego by an 18 year old. amazing. just turns your stomach. here's a bit of trivia though......the youngest female to ever give birth was 6 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!


Ba8y6irl - December 12

my sister had her period when she was ten and has been heavy ever since... thats crazy to think my lil sis could have 9 year olds now!!! *shudder* :)


Ba8y6irl - December 12

oh and isn't that rape??? the father was 15. I don't know what the laws are whereve this chick is but I dont even think you have to have someone else charge you in that situation, I think the police have the right to charge you!


...... - December 12

it differs from state to state, but 15 isn't even considered the "age of consent" in some states, much less an adult. I don't think he can be charged with anything. I'm not an attorney or anything though. just an unfortunate chain of events. I think if it did come down to criminal charges....both sets of parents should be held responsible.


Jenn - December 12

nope, they were BOTH underage, and as long as it was mutual, there is nothing that can be done-so I have been told because that is what I thought....


Barbara - December 12

wow... i never knew that 10 year old girls... even got their periods that young.... jesus!!!.... what was her mom thinking? when i was ten i think i was very much into tv and barbies.. not boys..not to mention that i hated boys



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