10w Today Closing Out The First Tm

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llukenjess - February 25

What should i expect for this second tm?


softbreeze200 - February 25

Hang in there girl! Once you hit that 13 week mark and jump into the second tri i think you will just feel better! I know I did! I am sure it was a mental thing that once I was at 13w, I was so much more rea__sured that everythingw as going good. My nausea however didn't agree. It has stuck around still and so has my sleepiness. But everything else seems good. The second tri is full of firsts that are exciting, teh first sign of a preggers belly, the first movements felt on the inside and from the outside. First big ultrasound for most(where you can find out if it is a girl or boy if you want!) Lots of good stuff. Hang in there, the last few weeks will fly by!! :)


softbreeze200 - February 25

oh yeah, and your appet_te comes back better and you can enjoy all the good stuff and not feel too guilty about it because your preggers!! lol!! :)


cors1wfe - February 25

I think you can look forward to the nausea going away unless it's a stubborn case mine hung out til about week 14 but now I am loving life and Food again! LOL we will see you soon


llukenjess - February 25

i didn't get nausea until week 6 i hope it's not stubborn cuz i feel like SH**....like i have a bad hangover!! and it makes me not want to eat cuz everything makes me feel sick, but if i don't eat then it makes me feel worse LOL it's like a catch 22. my b___st have started not to hurt so bad...is that good or bad?? my nipples still hurt like hell but the WHOLE thing used to hurt very very tender, and now not so much unless i press or am taking my bra off...tomorrow is my first u/s i am SO frcken excited! twins run in my family so i will be eager too know if i am carrying more than one! :-) I'll be sure to let you know


mjvdec01 - February 25

Sometime in the 2nd trimester your b___bs will start to leak... so fun!


bellybubble - February 25

I am 16 weeks today and STILL have nausea :( Although not as bad as it was - but it is still there!!! Oh well such is life!! :) Mine also feels like a really bad hangover!! haha. llukenjess - you will be b__wn away by your scan - it was sooooooooo surreal!!! :) Very emotional!!


meg - February 25

Feeling your baby move...it's amazing! That was my favorite thing with my first & it's just as exciting with my second!


llukenjess - February 27

WOW!! everyone i am sooo excited to be able to share with you that yesterday was my first u/s and it was the most beautiful/amazing/emotional thing i have ever experianced!! hearing the heart beat and the baby move it abos___tely a dream! the heart beat was at 174 bpm and i just can't wait to start to feel the baby move! I saw the baby move on the monitor and i was b__wn away!!


softbreeze200 - February 27

Aww llukenjess, that is soo awsome!! It truly is an amzing thing to see. Kinda liek a private little window into your belly!! Ifound it so hard to believe that that tiny little being was in there and living!! I am really happy your ultrasound went well and you got to see so much! (HUGS)


llukenjess - February 27

Softbreeze thank you so much it really means alot to have so much support especially since my mother isn't very supportive...I know wut u mean about the little window to another world!! it's so interesting to know that there is a living being inside me!! i feel totally blessed!


softbreeze200 - February 27

My husband sometimes says it is creppy when I talk to him on the phone at night (he is away at work) and he says it is so weird to know that he is talking to me, but there are actually two of us listening!!! lol!! I laughed so hard when he told me that!! I never really thought about it that way before then! SO now if I leave a message, I'll say "it's US calling!!" We get a kick out of it. I am sorry to hear that your mom is not being very supportive, but you do knwo that there are lots of options out there for support if you do find that you need more. And of course we are all here for morall support whenever you need it. :)


llukenjess - February 27

HAHA that's so cute!! it's US calling oh i love it!! yeah she just kicked me out of the house...and my fiance was working with my step dad and she made my step dad fire him and it seems like she is doing everything she can to make things hard for me!


softbreeze200 - February 28

oh llukenjess, that is awful. I am sorry to hear that you are going through such tough times with your family. This is a time when any woman really depends on her family for supporta dn encouragement and I am sorry to hear that you are not getting this from them. I hope that your fiance is giving you extra!! It is too bad that you rmom doesn't see ahead and realize just how much she is going to miss that time with her grandchild if she keeps pushing you guys away. Lie I said, there is lots of help and support out there for you guys if you find that you need it. I hoep everything works out ok and at least you haev something so great to focus your life on - your little one!!!


llukenjess - March 3

yeah....thanks again...he is ggiving me alot of support...he's very hurt and angry at my mother for everything...its has been about 3 weeks for thw whole ordeal and we have decided to move to florida...my best friend lives down there and she said it's so much easier she has a little one and her and her hubby have no problems.


softbreeze200 - March 3

Well I wish you guys all the best with moving there. I am sure it willbe nice to get away from those stresses and figure things out on your own together. It isnice you have some friend support there as well. Besides, the weather is beautiful!! Can't complain about that!! It is bloody cold up here in canada forever it seems like!! :)


llukenjess - March 4

LOL yeah the weather will be a plus! So i am going to be 12 weeks on monday and i am so excited!! I was thinking of getting a doppler...what do u think?



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