13 Weeks Pregnant And Can T Find Heartbeat

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MuzikGurl - June 6

Hi, I went to the dr. today on 6/6 and three different people have tried to find my baby's heartbeat and they can't find it. The dr. said he found my heartbeat and the placenta but, he can't find the baby's heartbeat...=( This is very discerning for me...considering I am 13 weeks pregnant and I haven't had any ultrasounds yet or sonograms done but, I am wondering if anyone else has gone through this also....I am supossed to come back on 6/20 to check again and if still no heartbeat then he will do a sonogram...but, I'm very scared....I have also lost 6lbs. in less than a month but I think it's because I'm only eating cereal every two hours cause it's the only thing that sounds good to me. I am just worried...please tell me I'm not alone....thanks in advance...=)=


Kristin72 - June 6

The doctor should have rec'd you an ultrasound right away..I would have to know..Go to emerg and get this checked. Often, the heartbeat is very hard to find and takes some time..as the little on can be hiding or if your uterus is tilted back it is very hard to find and hear..Alleviate your worries and go to the emerg. Best of Luck to you!!!


HannahBaby - June 6

alot of doctors dont expect to hear a heartbeat until 16 weeks. That is why you are going back before getting an ultrasound. it is not uncommon for a heartbeat to not be heard at 13 weeks. You are fine honey, if he really thought that something was wrong he would not let you wait until the 20th for an ultrasound


San_dee - June 6

at my 11wk appt they couldnt find my little ones heart beat ether, so i had an appt at 13w4d and they found it strait away... the point is that he was surprised at how easy he could hear it the second time and thought the baby must have been hiding very well for him to miss it so it does happen, try not to worry, i know that its going to seem like an eternity before your next appt but try and keep optimistic, your week 13 now which is declared out of the danger zone anyway!! let us know how you get on


Angiconda - June 6

There might be a possibility that your placenta is in front which would make is harder for the doctor to find the babies h/b. Good Luck!


NVgirl - June 6

MuzikGurl: I am 13w3d and had a OBGYN appointment today. For the last 2 months they never can find the HB with the doppler... so they ultrasound me instead that day to make sure everything is ok... and every time they do, the baby is developing perfectly and the heartbeat is strong. My next appt is at 19 weeks (in 6 weeks) to tell the s_x.


MM - June 6

I saw my dr. at almost 14 weeks & he told me at the start of the appt. that we may not be able to hear the heartbeat because it was still early & not to be disappointed if we left without hearing it. So you will probably hear it at your next appt.


tndrlvn - June 6

I had my appt at 14 weeks and we could barely hear it you really had to strain....and Dr. had a hard time to find it. Depends to on what Doppler they are using cause mine had two different ones and only one found it.....so chin up hun baby dust to you.....let us know how it goes


mandie - June 7

At my 12 week appt we heard it, but it took the doc several minutes to find it. It's pretty early on. Try not to stress.


scarlett - June 7

Even though I heard my baby's heartbeat loud and clear at 12-13weeks, I believe that some people just gotta wait a bit longer. I understand how u feel and I'd be worried sick if they couldn't find the heartbeat either. Why not get an ultrasound scan done asap? That should put your mind at ease.


happpygal - June 7

Yeah, I"ve heard different things about this, too.....personally, I rented a baby doppler at 13 weeks and about gave myself a heartattack when I first tried to find the heartbeat...it was very difficult because there's SO much going on in there and the baby has a lot of room this early to move around and sometimes quickly. As the baby grows and there is less room in the uterus, then it's much, much easier to find the heartbeat. While I want to tell you not to worry, if it were me, I would demand an ultrasound to ease my mind. GOod luck and let us know how you make out.


Taffy - June 7

I was 14 weeks before we heard the heartbeat. It turns out that the placenta is anterior (just under my skin) so the heartbeat wasn't detected until the placenta have moved further up. I hope this helps.


Mandy1984 - June 8

I am 22 weeks and at my pre-natal appointment (on Wed.) They used a doppler B4 doing the scan. It took AGES to pick up the heartbeat, well about 5-8mins but it felt like longer, At 22 weeks I would expect it to be found asap but it wasn't.... I have had loads of scans so far but that was the first time I heard the HB, The doctors have never attempted it before, So I wouldn't worry if your only 13 weeks


MuzikGurl - June 9

Hello everyone...thanks for answering me...glad I wasn't the only one...yesterday I had horrible sharp pains all over my stomach and my hubby took me to the ER and they said it might be my gallbladder so, they took me in for an ultrasound on my gallbladder they said it was fine and my kidneys looked very good and my pancrease is great too...I ask if they could do an ultrasound on the baby and they didn't want to but they did anyways...they told me if I wanted an ultrasound of the baby then I should have asked my ob/gyn and not the hospital ER people. I am like, whatever...it's my body and if I want an ultrasound I should be able to get one...I have been sick for the past few days and I just want to make sure this baby is ok. So, they looked and I saw it!!! I saw my baby!!! for the first time! I heard the heartbeat at 158 bpm the little peanut was moving so much...they said the reason why my ob couldn't get a reading is cause the baby is VERY active...( good, no lazy babies here!) but she measured as much as she could and saw one baby, and it was aged at about 12 weeks I am 13 weeks along so we are on schedule...she said I should be due around Dec 11-16 sometime during that time. I'm very happy now and the dr. gave me phengrin and zantac for my stomach aches and I slept for 16 hours yesterday but I feel a lot better...thanks for everything and your support...=)


amyn - June 9

I'm glad you hear baby's heartbeat.. Just so you know the way your uterus sits can be the reason the heartbeat can't be heard. I didn't get to hear my baby's heartbeat till I think 16 weeks, becuase my uterus is tilted back.


sophandbob - June 9

I am so pleased for you. can't believe how snotty the er staff were - good for you for sticking to your guns and making demands. they would'nt have thought twice if you were someone rich or famous, its about time they trated us mere mortals the same!! Many congratulations - a xmas baby!!! Think of all the santa baby grows!


scarlett - June 11

I don't think a lot of doctors expect to hear a heartbeat only during/after 16weeks. I heard my baby's heartbeat from 13weeks, and I know women who've had their doctors try to find their babies' heartbeats even before that. There's no reason why they should refuse you an ultrasound scan - it's normally the 1st thing they do to find out if anything's wrong(besides asking you some questions of course). Let us know how your ultrasound scan goes =)



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