13 Weeks Pregnant And Having Anxiety Attacks

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Holly - September 1

I will be 13 weeks pregnant Friday Sept. 2 and I had a anxiety attack last night. My anxiety is still bad today and my heart has been racing all day. Is this harmful to my baby? Has this happened to anyone else?


sigrid - September 1

hi holly. this is happening to me also. i am 14 weeks and i have anxiety attacks almost all days but mostly at night. i don't think this is harmful to the baby but it will be if it affects your blood pressure. i am trying to relax and breathe when i go to bed but it doesn't seem to help.


Holly - September 1

Sigrid, How long have you been experiencing them? Also, my heartbeat is really fast during the day, is your hb fast or slow during the day. Just wondering because Im so worried.


melissa - September 1

i am having this too, sometimes my heart will just start beating really fast. Also I am a worrier by nature and I feel like I wont fully relax until the baby is born!


a - September 1

I'd tell your doctor I take Paxil for anxiety its in the same cla__s as tylonal


jas - September 2

hi everyone. i would talk to my doctor about it. i would not take any madication before. make sure the doctor you see knows you are pregnant. it might not be dangerous for your babies at this stage, however if it happens for a prolonged time and it is not treated it can be. so talk to your docor ladies. good luck to all of you


Brandi - September 2

Well I have had panic attacks since I was 21, Im not 29 and 7 months pregnant. I have taken low low low doses of Klonopin and Zoloft through this pregnancy. My dr. says its fine. You stress and your baby stresses.


Jaime - September 3

I have always had panic attackes and had to go off my medicine that controlled it while I was pregnant. It has been really hard, but the doc said that it is not harmful to the baby


diana - September 5

You may be experienceing "ectopic heartbeats" or palpitations. My doctor says this is normal. IT feels like a racing heart.


Amber ( Solution!!!) - September 7

This is what you do Holly... Directions: Lay down on your bed and count. Breathe out 8 counts. Then breathe in 4 counts. Do this over and over. Within 10 minutes your heartrate will force itself to slow down due to your forcing yourself to breathe normally. But you HAVE to follow the instructions or it wont work. Once you feel better then keep going until all simptoms subside. The reason you are having anxiety attack i because your brain thinks something is wrong so your body breathes wrong. Causing the physical symptoms. hope this works!!!


Amber (forgot something) - September 7

Make sure to breathe through your mouth only while doing the exercise.


Amber (forgot something again) - September 7

Breathe through your NOSE to inhale 4 counts. THEN breathe OUT your MOUTH for the 8 counts. Sorry for the error... Hope it works.


Dustie - September 7

I am 24 weeks. I have had anxiety attacks off and on for probably a month or two now. It is at night and I had to sleep with the tv on for the first few nights and now it is just a nightlight. I felt like I couldn't breath good.



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