14 Weeks Any Buddies

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Mel - April 27

Hey Everyone! Just looking for due date buddies to share the experience with! My email is [email protected]


Egyptian Mom2B - April 28

Hi Mel, I'm due October 28, just starting week 14 today! I'm relieved that technically my first trimester is over but still have m/s and vomiting on some days. This is my first baby so I'm experiencing everything for the first time which is exciting yet worrying all at once! My doctor doesn't weigh me (he thinks it's an unnecessary stress) but I haven't gained yet (due to m/s), nevertheless I have jumped from barely filling out a cup B to overflowing from a cup C!


<Amy> - April 28

Hi am due oct 25th am 14 weeks 2 days! I've moved from A cup to B lol and still going, already got stretch marks on b___bs:( I havn't gained any weight, infact i lost some in the morning sickness period (couldn't eat)and have now put it back on but not gained any.


chel - April 28

I was 14 weeks yesterday. Due on Oct. 27, but having a scheduled c-section on Oct 17. My morning sickness finally ended last week. I just started wearing maternity clothes this week. I look like I'm 6 months pregnant. This is my third child. All I really want to eat right nor is cheeseburgers and fries. Nothing good for me sounds good.


Kristy - April 29

I am alos 14 weeks...due date Oct 26. I also just started wearing maternity clothes. Thisis my third pregnancy. I have 2 boys, age 3 and 1.5 years old!!!


Julie - April 29

14 weeks here too. Due Oct 27th. This is my first, and I actually started showing around 7 weeks which I'm told is really early, but I guess everyone is different. I was able to get away with my own clothes until about a week ago and have now moved to maternity jeans. Have only gained about 2 pounds, but I am still have morning sickness a few times a week so that is probably why. It's good to hear from others due around the same time!


:) - April 29

Hi I'm due October 29, just starting week 14 i am 13 /3 yes It's good to hear from others due around the same time! good luck to all of us


Dallia - April 29

Hi girls I am due on the 26th October and I am really starting to enjoy being pregnant. I can't wait until i look pregnant and not just a bit fat.


Mel - April 30

Yeah! I'm so excited to find you guys so close to my d-date! my m/s just finally ended about 2 weeks ago! but i still have a lot of headaches! anyone else experiencing this?


Jen - April 30

hello ladies!! I am due the 28th of Oct also. Im still tired and i can barely fit into jeans anymore. I feel like i have a small b__wn up balloon in my belly. When did everyones energy come back? I also have been getting headaches lately.


Mel - April 30

I dunno about the rest of you but im still waiting for my energy! so where is everybody from? i'm from nebraska...


<Amy> - May 1

I'm from London, England


Tammy - May 3

Hi everyone, I am due on Oct 28th. It's a great time of year to have a baby. This is my 3rd pregnancy. My other 2 were born Oct 29th and Oct 31st. I'm still in my own clothes but not for long. The summers are hot here in NJ so I'll be making to move to cool, comfortable clothing soon.I am lucky I've never has m/s. I am totally exhausted though.I had a amnio today so just taking it easy...


Mel J - May 3

Tammy, How did your amnio go? I have to get one in 2 weeks and i'm scared to death!


Laura - May 3

I'm in the middle of week 14, due Nov. 4, so I'm a little behind you guys. Apparently I've gained more than most of you, about 6 pounds. I can wear a few normal things, but I am seriously looking at maternity clothes now. Has anyone else had a LEEP? It is a procedure where they remove part of your cervix. My dr. says they have to watch mine now to make sure it stays long enough. Who knew length mattered for women?


Egyptian Mom2B - May 4

Hi everyone, I guess we're all feeling similar symptoms :). I'm from Cairo, Egypt. Is amnio standard procedure in the US? I'm doing the triple test on the 17th, if that doesn't go well only then will I do the amnio. I also get occasional headaches, is anyone getting small pimples on their forehead? Unfortunately I'm still feeling sick and my stomach has become a major acid factory, can't wait to feel better! Despite the digestive problems, I've been feeling more energetic since week 13 I think. Tammy did you get your results? Anyone exercising?


Jessica - May 4

HI! I'm due October 28....and I can't wait. This is an unusual stage. My pants are tight around my stomach, so I must pull out the rubber bands. Also, I just rented a fetal doppler monitor and I just tried to find the heartbeat, and I can't find it. I pray everything is fine!



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