14 Weeks No Doctor

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nicole - June 24

I found out I was pregnant when I was 3 weeks I made the soonest appointment I could I went for all of my bloodwork at 6 weeks and have my first checkup at 8 weeks. I was supposed to go back for my second visit at 12 weeks my doctor cancelled she scheduled me to go back at 14 weeks which was yesterday she didnt see me! Now she wants me to go back NEXT WEEK! I am in the process of getting a new doctor but my question to you is should I be worried that it's been so long since I 've seen a doctor all I know is that I'm pregnant that's all I don't know anything about my baby and I am so scared please help.


Mia - June 1

Nicole, If you have already seen a doctor at 8 weeks then I wouldn't worry so much. Just make sure you are taking care of yourself and taking vitamins. I had my blood work done at 6 or 7 weeks and then had a coordinator talk to me. Then didn't schedule my first real doctors appointment until I was 12 weeks because I wasn't having any probems. Hey when is your due date. I am around 13 1/2 now so we are about the same. I am extremely scared about the whole process too. If you would like, post your email address here and we can talk online together. It would be nice to have someone to talk to that is going through the same things at the same time frame. Hope to here from you.


Julie - June 2

yeah, I wouldn't worry about the baby if I were you, because it is so early, but it's good that you are listening to your feelings. That is so important. If you are feeling like your doctor is unresponsive to your needs, by all means, get someone else.


nicole - June 2

hey Mia my email is nicolecwill@yahoo.com


Shelly - June 5

You two don't have anything to be scared about. Choose to be excited instead. It's much more fun. Having a baby is a natural process, not an illness. I didn't see a doctor with my 2nd until I was 5 months along. I didn't want to go through all the poking and tests that I'd been through with my first. Everything went really well. As long as you don't feel like you're having any problems, everything will be fine. Look into taking a Bradley Childbirth cla__s, it will ease your minds. Remember knowledge is power. Read lots of books. Don't focus all your reading on pregnancy and childbirth, read about the stuff that comes after too. that way you'll be more prepared to take care of your new baby. Remember, this is a happy time. Have fun! Post any specific fears and we'll try to help you with them.


nicole - June 21

thank you to everybody for your comments i feel alot better now!


juley - June 24

nicole , firstly congrats on your pregnancy, i know how stressfull it is waiting to see doctors and midwifes to do there checkups and reasure us pregnant women that all is well with the babys,but personaly no i dont think anything is wrong with you or baby,but i certainly would change doctors and get yourself checked to reasure you that everything is progressing normaly, in the uk some women only see the doctor or midwife at 12 weeks once they have had a positive pregnancy test , because if anything were to happen before then nothing could be done , please donty worry yourself xx


Alyssa - March 3

I'm 15, and I'm pregnant. I turn 16 in July. I'm worried that something will go wrong with my baby since I'm at such a young age. I'm about 8-10 weeks pregnant. I have to wait until I get on Medica so I can go to the doctor. Should I be worrried at all? I do keep have sharp pains in my stomache and b___st. PLEASE HELP...


Jennifer - March 3

Alyssa... Just make sure that you are taking your vitamins and eating properly, everything should be fine, but if you are having any problems such as spotting, then make sure you go to the hospital to get checked.


emma - March 5

Just something to think about though - I'm from Australia so I'm not sure if everything is the same everywhere else, but you are meant to have a 13 week nuchal fold ultrasound and blood work. This tests your baby for risk rate of down syndrome. I booked in when I thought I was 13 weeks and apparently they were only just able to do the test because I was actually 4 weeks. The baby needs to be a certain length to do the test apparently so the more it grows - the less chance of getting the test done. Like I said though this may be different elsewhere .


emma - March 5

sorry - that was they found out that I was actually 14 weeks. Sorry for the confusion



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