14 Weeks Today

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janine - April 19

anyone else due around october 19? I would love to hear what is going on with people who are right around my due date. I have no belly yet and i havent felt any movement yet, i hope both are normal. I cant wait until i feel the baby moving!


Maria - April 19

Hi Janine!! I am due October 15th with my 1st baby. I'm noticing a tightness in my clothing, and I've already bought maternity pants (they are so much more comfortable!!), but I haven't felt the baby move yet (which is normal at this time of our pregnancies) I also can't wait to feel my baby move!! Is this your first pregnancy?


janine - April 20

hello maria...congrats! This is my first pregnancy too, I am so excited! I have been wearing maternity pants for 2 weeks now, they are big, but feel so much better than regular pants. I feel like time is dragging and I can't wait to start feeling the baby!


want a baby - April 20

hi girls how are you all feeling? i am 14 weeks today also my due date is oct. 19th!! i do feel the baby a little bit but i have to tell you i am really big!! i look like i am 4 - 5 months already.! i don't know why cuz i did have a little bit of fat from my other kids but every one is telling me that i look pg not fat. and its true cuz my stomach is really round like a little basketball. this is my forth child and it will be my last so i am enjoying every min. of it cuz i love to be pg. good luck to you ladies!! are you all going to find out what it is?


janine - April 20

I am definately going to find out what it is, i can't wait. Congrats on baby no. 4. So funny, I had a horrible first trimester and so far I havent really liked being pregnant, and you seem to like it. I guess everyone has different experiences


Meadra - April 20

Im due October 16th. I already have a belly. I guess it would be called a pooch. It's bigger depending on how bloated I am! I can feel the baby yet either. I've got growing cramps, nasty morning sickness still, and some back aches. How are you doing? My best friend is pregnant right now too and she's due September 25th. She's not showing at all yet so I think you're just as normal as can be! Good luck!!!


Heidi - April 20

I'm due Oct 20th. My stomach looks bigger but not real bad. I can still wear my regular clothes but if I wear tighter t shirts you can see my tummy is starting to grow a little. Plus my b___bs are huge!!! I actually hate them. I haven't felt any movements yet. My morning sickness went away around 10 weeks but now I have headaches a lot and some pain in my tailbone. Some days I feel like I'm not even pregnant. I feel some cramping along my sides sometimes but nothing bad. I can't wait till it's over so I can have my old body back!


janine - April 20

I get a lot of backpain too...especially if after grocery shopping or cleaning the house. This morning i sneezed and I got such a pain in my stomach it almost knocked my breath out of me. It's so weird all the crazy things that happen during pregnancy. I was very sick my first trimester but now i am feeling better. Good luck to you too!


Maria - April 20

Hello, mothers-to-be!! Ah, the name Mother, I can't wait to hear my baby say that name "mommy!" How are you all feeling? I hope you are feeling well. I have to say that I've been blessed regarding this morning sickness and I've only been sick every now and then for a short time. I am also going to find out whether my baby will be a girl or boy. Not that it will change anything, but that way I know what to shop for!! I said I haven't been able to feel my baby move, but I am positive I felt it today!! I was at work filing when I felt this quick jolt in my tummy it happened so fast, but I'm positive it was the baby!!


janine - April 20

maria, that is so exciting. I can't wait to feel the baby move. I know what you mean about the mommy thing, as it is family jokes and calls me mama and i love the thought of it!! You are lucky that you have been feeling well, hopefully we all have smooth pregnancies from here on....we have to keep in touch, i like hearing about peoples progress who are due same time as me


js - April 21

My due date is October 20th, ultra sound said October 19th. I am so excited, this is my first. I felt a flutter in my tummy last week, something I've never felt before, but haven't felt anything since then. My tummy is starting to get bigger, but no one else seems to notice yet. I'm still in all of my regular clothes and I'm just wondering when I'll need maternity clothes. I've been getting headaches lately, but the morning sickness is gone - thankfully! I get a little crampy sometimes, but other than that, I don't feel prego at all. Hope all is well with everyone!!!


want a baby - April 21

congrats to you all ! i guess i say that i love being pregnant cuz i don't get any morning sickness at all or any cramps or back aches. luck i guess, so good luck to you all, and hope we can keep checking up on each other. talk to you all soon.


Julia R. - April 22

This is my 4th pregnancy, 2nd I'll carry full term. I am due 10/26 and I also look about 5 mths. I already feel the baby move. My daughter is 9 so I don't really remember that much. I've found some really cute comfortable maternity clothes and I love being pregnant


Lorra - April 23

Hi everyone!!!! Well, this is my fourth pregnancy. I have a 14 year old, 11 year old, 14 month old and now this one. Since this pregancy was so close to my last one, I started showing right away. I, too, look 5 months pregnancy and am due October 19th. I've felt the baby move since my 11th week which is very, very early. But since everything in my body is stretched out from the last one, it's easier to feel the movement. Plus, I'm still nursing my youngest, so my hormones are all over the place. To all of you who are having your first . . . enjoy every moment. The days go by way too fast and before you know it, you'll be in the delivery room. Enjoy your body the way it is - it won't be long before your showing and growing very quickly. Blessings to all!!!!


Denise - June 16

Good Morning Janine! I am 14 wks pregnant this week (6/14/05). Everyone is different on how soon they start showing. This will be my 5th and final child. I look like I am about 6 months along. The doctors tell me that the more children you have the posibility of you showing soon is there. Most women will not start feeling her baby move til the end of the 4th month approx. It is very exciting to be pregnant and so much of a miracle. Congratulations !!


Stephanie - June 16

This thread is old but it looks like everyone is around the October 2005 date and so am I.....Oct 12th is our due date so we are now 23 weeks! Yippee ;o)



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