14 Weeks Today Hello Second Trimester

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Jenn - September 24

I'm movin up from the first trimester board. Hooray!


shelly - September 24

welcome!! When are you do Jenn?? How have you been feeling??


Jenn - September 25

I'm due March 25, and i've been sooo sick. I'm still throwing up, but now its like, once a day usually, witch is much nicer then before.


K - September 25

Congrats! I'm at 16 weeks due March 11. I felt very relieved when I reached the 2nd trimester! Hope you're feeling better :)


Marlene - September 26

Hi jenn how are you?I'm also due march 25


Jenn - September 26

Thanks! I'm better and better. Less puking, but more sleeping it seems. And more forgetting everything. I feel like i'm losing my mind. Its always exciting to hear from someone with my same due date :),


Terra - September 26

I'm also just getting into my second trimester, I'm 13wks, and I'm due March 30th.. I am waiting for this nausea to GO away! although the only time I"ve been Really ill has been when I have got a really bad migrane. any other ladies experiencing this problem * I didn't during my last preg. headaches yes, but nothing like this *


Monique - September 26

Hey Jenn I am also due March 25


Renea - September 26

Hi ladies. Mind if I join your post. I am starting week 15 today. This is my 4th and final pregnancy. Still feeling nausea at night and still tired.


Terra - September 27

Renea, I am wondering how long my nausea will last... with my first born it went on until around my 20th week, I'm hoping this won't be the case this time! I am very tired, and running a 5 year old to school and back, so I'd like to get my energy Back. How old are your kids?


Jenn - September 27

I'm only 19 so, thank goodness, this is my first baby. I thought you were supposed to have less sickness by weeks 13? I'm seeing very little evidance of that.


Marlene - September 27

Most of my sickness has gone away-I'm just hungry all the time now!!


Renea - September 28

Terra-I have a 6 yr. old, a 4 yr. old, and a 22 month old. I am starting to feel a little better-mainly feel sick after dinner and into the evening. I am hoping that it will fade soon. I am still tired all the time though-could sleep all day if time allowed it.


J - September 29

hey, K , I'm due March 12, by my LMP, but I think it's more like 10th or 11th, so we might be due at the same time! I think i feel my little bean moving for a couple of weeks now. I can see the my skin rising in my low abdomen on the left side mostly. Looks like kicks, but feels like turns. Amazing! I lie down and look at my stomack closely few times a day :] It's my first, so I hope i'm not mistaken the baby movement with some powerful gas. :] Although I have plenty of gas too. Enjoy your 2nd trimester.


J - September 30

Ooops, I ment for couple of days, not weeks, actually for a week now ( I started noticing definite movements last wednesday, sept. 21)


Lisa - September 30

Hey, congrats! This is said to be the easiest...I would not know as I have not had any morning sickness or anything like that since I've been pregnant. I only get a stuffy nose and sneezing in the morning and my b___bs are getting huge...not a bad side effect!



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