14 Weeks Tomorrow And Worried

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Beth - October 4

I know I am probably overreacting...but I was so sick and felt so bad for so long. Now I am feeling great and can't help but worry that something is wrong?! I know the second trimester is supposed to be the "easy and uneventful" part, but I can't help but worry....when really I should be grateful I am feeling good I guess?! PLEASE any reassurance would be so helpful to me! Thank you in advance!


Cathy - October 4

I know Beth. I feel good and it makes me scared to death. I am 15w2d right now. Grateful to have some energy back and not feeling so ick but still scared. maybe if I had one of those dopplers so I could hear the hb anytime I wanted to I would feel better.


Lisa - October 4

you can get a doppler online for $20 per month. I did this and my husband and I have been listening to the heartbeat every couple of days. It's wonderful and worth the $20!!


Beth - October 4

Lisa, Who did you rent yours through?! That is a great idea!


Lisa - The other one - October 4

I would not worry. I'm 18 weeks and I don't feel pregnant...at all! I'm not tired anymore, my b___sts are bigger but they don't ache anymore and I have not been sick through my whole pregnancy at all either. If it was not for my belly getting bigger I would not know.


Ashley - October 5

Beth, I was going to buy a steoscope at 17 weeks because I couldn't stand the not knowing, but I started feeling flutters. Then, kicks. At 20 weeks tomorrow, I feel kicks off and on throughout the day. Almost every day between 2-3 'o clock, I have no idea why. (It's not really after I eat or anything.) A doppler might help you wait for when you can feel the baby move. I've heard some horror stories that freak me out about loosing my baby and it's strange, while I'm listening and getting scared, the baby kicks me as if to say, "Mom, I'm fine!". It's amazing how when you can feel the baby, how comforting it is. The gap of 14-20 weeks is pretty tough, though! Hang in there!!


Jamie - October 5

I was 15 weeks yesterday and up until last week I felt terrible everyday, but for the past week it has gone away. That is what is supposed to happen with the hormones and all, so don't worry, just enjoy feeling good!


MJM - October 5

week 12 was the magic # for me. Everything stopped. I was never sick but felt yucky, tired and b___bs were extreamly sore. So dont worry and enjoy it while you can!!! I am now 26 wks and very uncomfy, legs hurt, b___bs hurt and wont stop growing, colostrum leaking, cant eat a whole lot. So enjoy the second tri ;)


MJM - October 5

Oh and I forgot to add. We can never wait for the day until we feel "real" kicks. But now my son is always kicking whenever he wants. Rubs against my ribs, bounces off my cervix and the best part i was in line at old navy and he kicked me in the bladder so hard that I started leaking.


Beth - October 5

MJM- You just made me realize how important it is to just enjoy the ride!!! Plenty of time "feel pregnant". Thanks for the encouragement. I have a DR. appt. tomorrow ,so hearing the heratbeat will help!



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