14th Week Yaay

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Sims1 - November 18

yaay i'm officially starting my 2nd trimester. just starting the 14th week, i feel like i should get a prize or something. it's been such a bumpy first trimester.


jennifer_33106 - November 18

haha We are out of door prizes but please accept my Congratulations!! haha the second trimester is going to fly by!!!


sarah21 - November 19

Yep Jennifer is right. The first trimester drags on forever, and I only have a month left in my second trimester now and it seems like it's only been a few weeks. Crazy! And congratulations!


ShoppingForTwo - November 19

Hey Sims, how are you? How did your cerclage go? I get mine Dec. 30th, seems like forever. I asked my peri what my choices for anesthesia where and he only said spinal. OUCH! Thats the only part I'm dreading.


Sims1 - November 21

Hey shopping i still never got your email lol. but apparently my cervix grew from less than 3 cm to 4.5....but it's still open in the middle but closed on the ends, so dr said he will monitor and for me to just take it easy. so no cerclage. he said that typically they can't diagnos IC until a 2nd trimester loss. so he said take it easy and not to stress. so i'm not to sure what is the best thing, but the cervical length gives me hope and i'll just take it easy. OUT OF DOOR PRIZES?!?!?! sheesh, ok that's ok being here in 2nd trimester is a prize in itself lol.....i really hope you guys are right, because 1st tri did drag on forever....getting the 14th week from the 12th felt like a month. happy pg to all of us.


ShoppingForTwo - November 21

That's great to hear Sims. I'm happy for ya!! I'm 8 weeks today and it felt like forever to get here!!! Felt like a year lol! I don't know why you didn't get my emails. If you go to 1st tri and look under a post called July 2008 moms anyone else, or something like that I posted my story on there k.


renaye - November 21

i remember how you feel sims i found out i was haveing a baby when i was 4 weeks the rest of the nest 8 week were long as can be , im now 20 weeks i just cant wait.As long as you keep yourself busy time will soon fly by. i have a lot to keep my mind of the big day like xmas and my last day at work (cant wait) and then next thing i know im haveing my baby so just keep you mind busy i know it is hard you will be fine GOOD LUCK LADYS


javidsgirl - November 22

how are you doing sims?


Sims1 - November 23

hi tanya, i'm doing good. how's the little one? i saw her pictures taht you sent, she's so adorable. I don't feel very pregnant,i just feel my normal self. i almost feel like something is wrong, because i don't feel tired, or hungry or sleepy, or nausea nothing. i feel like i did before getting pregnant. do you think i should be alarmed?


javidsgirl - November 23

no i think you should be ok once i reached the second trimester i felt great too. just eat healthy and take it easy so when is your next u/s? mariam is doing good growing like alittle weed. she looks so much like her daddy mind you she is daddy"s little princess. so have you guys thought of any names for your little babe?



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