15 16 Week Role Call

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M - April 9

Hey Girls, I'll be 16 weeks on Monday. Anyone else in the begining of their 16th week? How's it going? Are you showing? When do you find out the s_x? It so excited I love sharing it all with you guys. Share your thoughts and experiences with me


M - April 11

Anyone in their 16th week? Are you showing yet? Come on ladies, I know you'r out there.


citrouille - April 12

hi M, I'm in my 16th week as of today! I feel good.. no more nausea, less fatigue. I started to feel the baby moving around.. little bubbles bursting and squirmish feelings! I'm showing but not tons.. We're not finding out the s_x..it'll be a surprise! How bout you??


sarita - April 12

I hit 16 last friday. I seemed to have a bigger pooch last week. hmmm I think the baby might be moving or something. But the dr. confirmed I am gaining weight so thats all that matters i guess. I found out last tues that I am having a little boy. And against my better judgement, I went out and bought a ton of baby clothes....oops!


Rachel* - April 12

I am 16 weeks as of today. I am feeling pretty good. Having some problems sleeping, I toss and turn all night. I ordered a body pillow, so hopefully that will help. I am showing a bit. I have an appt with my OBGYN tomorrow. I would like to know what the s_x is and my ultrasound will be in about 4 weeks or so. I haven't felt any movement yet.


Renee - April 12

I am 16 weeks, I am showing. I still have nausea but I am not throwing up any more. I go to the doc's to get a sonogram on the 27th. I will be 18 weeks then. Can't wait. I don't want to find out the s_x. Don't sleep well, I too toss and turn all night. I need to invest in a wrap around body pillow or a wedge.


hartley's mom - April 12

i will be 16 on the 18th. I am 5'9 tall and am pretty heavy set so I don't think i am really showing yet. i will find out s_x in about 2 1/2 weeks! cannot wait i think it will be girl # 2 for me but everyone else says it is boy?!?!?!


Moe - April 12

I just started my 16 week cool


Moe - April 12

Started today but have not gained any weight still 127 do you think thats bad?


crystal - April 13

I'll be 16 weeks on saturday. I'm still not showing people can't belive i'm going to be 16 weeks.I'm staring to feelin better i'm not that nauseated and I feel like I have more energy, I ceaned the whole house today(something i couldn't do before b/c i was always thowin up and feelin so weak) My husband was so shocked he said said "well someone's feelin better" To moe I don't think it's bad not to gain weight yet. I still weigh 132 my doctor say's it's fine b/c i've been throwing up so bad, but he said now that i'm feelin better pretty soon i'm going to be gain weight. The same thing happend with my first child and evrything was alright, but u should talk to your doctor


vix - April 13

Im 16 weeks today and I am starting to show. I find out how everyhting is going and the s_x on 29 april. I live in Melbourne Aust.


rae - April 13

yes i'm showing now and it seems like over night i'm growing. i'm now 16 weeks.


SM - April 26

im 16 weeks and 1 day. im not showing yet, i dont know the s_x yet


Amy - April 26

I was 16 weeks on Saturday, so like 16 weeks and 3 days. I am showing a little bit, but this is also my second child. I am much bigger this time and much more sensitive to smell. This pregnancy has not been a fun one so far, so I am hopeful that it will get better as I get further along. I have started to feel the baby move around. A little trick....if you think you are feeling the baby move...eat a small snack and lie down...thats when my babies have always moved the most. Good luck to all of you..



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