15 Weekish Roll Call

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candy - March 28

hey grls i am 15 weeks on wednesday....anyone else due around sep 21st....lets keep in touch with each other......what r ya feeling ...how r ya feeling...felt te baby yet....


heather - March 28

well im 17 weeks.. due september 5th..


Sindel - March 28

Hey there. According to the due date calculator i am due sept 21 too. but i also keep getting different dates from different calculators and my doctor.. so it ranges from the 21st to the 25th. Im pretty sure Ive been feeling the baby moving.. i have this fluttering feeling that i know is not gas or hunger pains. Ive never felt it before in my life. Plus im hoping its the baby too. Ive been feeling pretty good so far especially now that im a little further along. If you'd like to email me its [email protected] id be glad to keep in touch. =)


candy - March 29

i am sure ive been feelin the baby too...i had really bad morn sickness at first but now i am ok...and tg too it was killin me to be sick all day long...this is my 3rd child so i am bigger then i was with the other 2...and this is my 4th preg....had a blighted ovum b4.....r u very big?...i luv it when i start showing and feeling the baby move sround till it gets so big it beats me up....lol


sara - March 29

i will be 15 weeks on wed also and i am due on sep 20th.


Beth - March 29

I am 18 weeks tomorrow! I am due Aug. 31.


Lilu - March 29

I believe I'm 15 weeks actually this week! I'm due 9/19/05. Ijust had my 2nd appt. and heard the heart beat... great feeling. I don't really feel any different. I'm starting to get more of an appet_te but I don't feel the baby. I sometimes wonder if anything is in there. I'm not showing at all. I lost weight at the beginning so I'm probably just starting to gain that back very slowly. So my stomach is flat... crazy huh! So my mom saids that I will just pop out one day.. who knows.


Serenna - March 29

Hello girls, I'm 15 weeks and due Sept. 19th. My nausea is now gone thank goodness, i got to hear the babies heartbeat a couple weeks ago, and i rented a doppler just to give me piece of mind until i can see the lil peice of joy. I feel sometimes as if i can feel it, i know it's not gas, but not sure if it's s/he.


M - March 29

I'm 15 weeks on Monday. I am due September 26th. So far I feel good. I'm over my morning sickness, sometimes I have minor cramps. I believe it's stretching of the uterus. Does anyone else have this? I've been able to see the heartbeat and listen to it. I have another doctors appt. on Thursday. I haven't felt the baby yet. Is that o.k.? I didn't think you felt the baby until 18-20 weeks. I'm not showing yet but some/most of my clothes are tight. Well that's enough about me? Keep in touch.


Alana - March 29

Im due on Oct 1st. R u looking forward to the hot summer as much as I am? I haven't felt the baby yet, but hopefully will soon. Email me and we'll keep in touch! [email protected]


rae - March 29

I'm 14 weeks so I'm due a week later. Or so the last to the Doc said I'm sure the next visit it will change again. The joys of being PG...lol


erin - March 29

I am due sept 19. I am still having morning sickness and i feel like i have done a million crunches. I heard the heart beat last week. I have not felt the baby move yet, but i know its there.


candy - March 29

hey grls.....yes M i have had them minor pains like on the sides by my hip bone...it is normal...many women who feel their baby earlier then some is cuz they r skinnier or they have had more then one baby b4...it is ok if u dont feel the baby yet...it is comin tho....omg i am def lookin forward to the heat of the summer....i live right by the ocean so i am sooooo lookin forward to the summer...i feel like i done a million crunches after s_x...isnt that weird...guess shouldnt work so hard....LOL...well my e mail is [email protected] u can add me to ur mess with the same name...:)) fun fun


Sindel - March 29

This is my first pregnancy and im not really showing at all.. i feel a little rounder but its not obvious.. the only thing that seems to be growing are my b___bs.. lol. I've also been getting those cramps.. sometimes they get real bad.. I a__sumed that it was from a previous ectopic and i needed surgery to remove the tube.. it gets rather painful on that side. =( hopefully all is normal.. April 4th is when i have my 4th appt i dont know if they'll do another u/s then or not.. I think it would be too early to tell what the baby is so i hope not. I cant wait to look pregnant! Im here in good ol Wisconsin.. no ocean for me so im not looking quite as forward to all that heat just yet. So you'll find me by the air conditioner. =)


M - March 29

Thanks for your response, Candy. I too am really looking forward to looking pregnant. I'm glad to hear some of you other girls say that. My mom says everything in due time but I feel like I'd rather look like I have a bun in the oven then that I'm just getting chunkier. Anyway keep me in the loop. I'll let you know how everything goes at my next doctors apt. I'm looking forward to hearing the heartbeat again. Take care and good luck to everyone! Oh I'm in San Francisco our summers aren't that warm so I'm not looking too forward to it. But what I am looking forward to is being further along in my pregnancy so I can buy cute maternity clothes. Has anyone checked out Old Navy's Maternity clothes...super cute. Can't wait to fit into them.


maria - April 4

i am 15 and a half weeks and i have felt the baby move. i am also due sept 21st. this is my first baby.


sarita - April 4

I am 15 1/2 weeks and can feel the "flutters", usually at night or after intercourse...i have a sonogram scheduled for tommorow and was wondering if ya'll think they'll be able to tell me the baby's s_x???



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