15 Weeks And Already Gained 7lbs

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Trish# - March 7

I hate to stress about weight gain. I know it is inevitable and I am actually fine with that. But I am worried that I'm gaining too much too soon. I know so many women who say they hadn't gained a pound at my stage (15 weeks)! They are either lying or I'm a fatty! Is it possible to gain more at the front end of your pg and then taper off as you go along? I have not "let myself go." I exercise at the same level as always (5-6 days a week) and eat the same healthy diet (with a few splurges) as I did pre-pg. Tell me what you think!!


Steph - March 7

I'm at 22 weeks and am still at a weight loss of 5 pounds. I was not super skinny to begin with, but I was also not overweight. I did not gain, and actually lost 7 pounds from not being very hungry and not from morning sickness. It depends on what your weight was before hand, if you were underweight...may have something to do with your gaining 7 pounds at this point. If you are exercising and eating healthy, then you should not have any need to worry about weight gain. Also, most of the time women gain the most weight towards the end of their pregnancies when their babies are gaining up to a half a pound per week in the last 4-6 weeks. I would not compare what your weight gain is to anyone elses as everyone's body is different and treats pregnancy different.


yourtrish - March 7

hi trish #1! i guess that makes me trish#2. i was actually wondering that myself. i have no idea how much ive gained (ill find out monday), but i feel like a cow. i'm totally showing so im sure i've gained a decent amount of weight by now. the only thing that rea__sures me is that they say everyone catches up to each other by the end...so if you start showing early and gaining weight, you may level off for a while later on. of course, it all depends on what you're eating and doing, but you say you're healthy...so i'm sure you'll be fine. and besides, i dont think 7 pounds is all that much!


yourtrish - March 7

BTW, check out this site. according to them, 7 pounds seems right on target. http://www.amazingpregnancy.com/pregnancy-articles/130.html


Tillie - March 7

At 15 weeks I had gained about 15 pounds! Now I'm 26 weeks, and have only put on 5 more. In fact, I went to the doctor's today and found I had put on only one pound in the last 6 weeks! At 15 weeks I was as freaked out as you are. But it seems everyone gains differently and if you're fast gaining it the beginning, chances are it will slow down mid-pregnancy.


Trish# - March 8

Thanks, girls! I was thin pre-pg (not underweight, but definitely on the lowest end of what's "normal" for my height) so maybe my body just needed some extra "fluff" at the outset. Yourtrish: how far along are you? Let me know your wt gain come Monday! I couldn't find anything on wt gain on that site you linked... I have read that the "average" is 3-4 lb first trimester then a pound a week almost till the end. So I guess at 15 weeks 7lbs isn't so bad after all. I just need to quit comparing myself to others. It's not like I'm eating junk! Tillie: You give us all hope!


Inny - March 8

I just got back from my monthly prenatal and found at I have gained a total of about 15 lbs since I got pregnant. I am 20 weeks pregnant and feel like that is too much!! But my Doctor rea__sured me several times that I am right where I should be. I was tiny when I got pregnant (5'2 and about 114 lbs) so she said I need to gain what I have gained so far. I am the same as you Trish - I am eating relatively the same as before and keeping active. Even though we know it is inevitable and we have to nourish our bodies and babies, isn't is hard to get used to this constant weight gain stuff?!!



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