15 Weeks And Diagnosed With A Sub Chorianic Hemotoma

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ash2 - November 26

Hey there i will be 15 weeks on Wed, and at 11 weeks i was diagnosed with a hemotoma. They told me the baby looks very good so far, but if the clot gets bigger than the baby, it could be dangerous. So i am praying. I have had two other very healthy pregnancies with no complications what so ever, so this is pretty new to me. Has anyone else experienced this ?


ChattyKathy - November 26

I know four women on this site that have experienced this. Its actually pretty rare to experience complications from this. The majority of the time the SCH shrinks on its own, but I know its scary. Have you been put on bedrest or just weight restrictions? I'm sure if some of the other ladies see this thread they'll be able to help more than me, but don't stress yourself out about it. Its just something that you have to let take care of itself on its own so that you can continue to have a happy, healthy pregnancy.


fefer1 - November 26

I had the same issue with my daughter. I was bleeding a lot at 11 and 14 weeks but it got better and went away. My daughter was a perfectly healthy baby and my pregnancy was normal besides that.


ROBYN - November 26

Ash - i had this actually twice. We did IVF last November and got pregnant and i got several huge bleeds unfortunately at 14 1/2 weeks we had to terminate the pregnancy i lost the amniotic fluid but it had nothing to do with the SCH. I was put on strict bedrest for that SCH. We got pregnant at the end of June i got 2 huge bleeds again at 5 and 6 weeks and on the 7th week it was completely gone and this one the location was much worse than the last pregnancy. I was really concerned but almost amazed how quickly this one disappeared. Usually the baby over grows it and it poses not threat. The risk of it getting into the placenta and seperating the baby from it is pretty rare. My RE had me on strict bedrest for the several weeks with this one also he said lie in bed or on a couch do nothing else i followed his instructions we are now 26 weeks pregnant with a boy and its never returned. A rule of thumb with the SCH once you get them you more than likely to get them with any pregnancies after this one.


ash2 - November 27

Believe it or not, this is such rea__suring news ! This is the best news i have heard about a SCH.....im so worried that i will not go on to have a normal pregnancy and something else will happen. Did anyone go into pre-term labor ?


ROBYN - November 27

ASH - i have heard some stories of pre-term labor i was talking for a while with the last pregnancy we lost on an SCH forum i cant remember it now to save my life but these girls had bleeds well into the later part of the pregnancy and some had pre-term but these are rare as well because most of these SCHs just go away. You should have a normal pregnancy once the SCH goes away but i was very nervous always freaked out that something would happen and trigger a bleed. So once that disappeared i felt the pregnancy was better. Like i mentioned i have been SCH free for about 20 weeks now and its a relief. Your gonna be fine.


ash2 - November 28

Thank you so much Robyn ! I talked to the ultrasound tech gain today and she said that alot of women form this way....some of the women absorb the blood back into their body, and others it comes out of their v____a......she said i this case is what it did. She said my sac formed just fine, its just that the blood didnt absorb itself like it normally does, it just gushed out of my v____a......very scary, but i feel alot better about it ! She said there is really no threat to the baby ; )


ROBYN - November 28

ASH - wonderful news if you can keep me/us posted.



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