15 Weeks And Really Irritable

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crankymom - April 2

Anyone else feeling this way? I'm really short tempered with my husband and keep nagging him to help me more. I'm also getting frustrated becuase I'm not having ANY success with potty training my 3 year old. He was doing great and now suddenly is not even trying. I work full time and am just fed up of coming home, cooking dinner, cleaning up, getting lunches ready for the next day and doing laundry, cleaning the house and not getting to sit down until 9PM each night. This is the way my routine has always been but it's driving me nuts and my husband just doesn't get it. Also I'm not sleeping through the night as my husband brings our son into bed in the middle of the night and my son is pushing me out of the bed. I quit smoking when we were trying for this baby and I'm thinking about them more and more. Please tell me this crankiness is normal - don't remember it with my first baby. Thanks :-)


ekay - April 2

Sounds like a page right out of my life! I am extremely b___hy towards my husband, luckily though I prepped him for it and he handles it pretty well for the most part. DO NOT stress yourself out with potty training your other child. I tried to potty train my son when I was pregnant with my daughter and all I did was kill myself with frustration. I let my son be and he pretty much potty trained on his own. And about the smoking. I quit smoking the day I found out I was pg, so I feel your pain there too. Basically, everything your wrote above is how I feel. I just keep telling myself that as a mom, don't expect to be appreciated as much as you think you should....thats a losing battle right there. What gives me satisfaction is that I know that without me, everything would fall apart. Try to hang in there.


M - April 2

Sounds like you have good reason to be cranky. Your husband really needs to help you more around the house. If you're both working outside the home then you should both contribute equally with household duties! Especially when your pregnant.


Foxy - April 2

Wow! You have a lot on your plate! I really feel sorry for you. Your husband should at the very least help cook dinner and make his own lunch. Sounds to me like you already have 2 children to look after. I don't think men understand what a toll pregnancy takes on the body. If it's any consolation, I've been very cranky with this pregnancy and I don't have another child to look after. Hope things improve for you.


mm - May 2

That is such a relief, no offfense to know that I am not the only one feeling like a loaded bomb. I feel like I wrote that article word for word hopefully things do get better, hold on there


Mandy - May 3

I am the same way with my boyfriend as well and I am 15 weeks pregnant with my second one too. I think that it is normal.


crankymom - May 3

just came across this posting. Now 19 weeks - the crankiness has pa__sed !!!!!



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