15 Weeks Spotting

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Janine - April 26

i have been having period like cramps, and other pains in my lower abdomen, which my doctor says is normal. Today i noticed a little bit of brown spotting. My doctor seems annoyed that I keep calling. Anyone else have this and is it normal or a problem?


J - April 26

Be as annoying as you want to be...better safe than sorry!!! I spotted a little around week 9, and it turned out to be implantation bleed, but I called my dr. immediately. I will be 15 weeks on Thursday, and if I saw any blood, I would call. Good luck, I hope everything turns out good for you!!


stacie - April 26

I am 15 weeks and I have had what seems almost like a period, It was darker and also lighter flow, I had a U/S and everything was fine...my doc called it break through bleeding and he said it happens in about 60 percent of women in 2nd trimester


jess - April 26

maybe thats what i had...what is breakthru bleeding??


stacie - April 26

My doc said it was where some blood breaks its way through ...my cervix was not all the way open just a very little bit, he said when there is increased blood flow and it has to go somewhere ..so the cervix opens a little to let it out then closed again.


jess - April 27

how long does break thru bleeding last?? ive been spotting for about 3 days or so.......


Eire - April 27

I would say get it checked out one way or the other... I had spotting at 16 weeks... went for a scan and thankfully all is fine... the placenta was slightly low but the dr said it should move back up as the pregnancy progresses... but definitely get it checked out just to put your mind at rest...


janine - April 27

thank you everyone for your responses. Everything makes me nervous and i have no idea what is normal and what isnt. Talking to other woman who are having the same things makes me feel so much better!


stacie - April 27

Mine lasted for 10days


jess - April 27

thanks stacie....i am still spotting a bit, went to dr yesterday and babe is fine, so i have to believe it is that and may last for a few days yet..........


stacie - April 27

I am sure everything is fine Jess, But let me know how things are going for ya -k-


sarah - June 14

I believe I am pregnant.. I would be around 15 weeks precicely.. I have noticed the same brown spotting and period like cramps... I would keep calling.. Better to be safe than sorry


tina - June 14

if i were you, janine, i would go to the emergency room and have it looked at. i had bleeding at 15 weeks and went straight to the er. my bleeding was light pinkish/reddish. a reason couldn't be found and the baby was fine. the spotting lasted about 10 days. be annoying as you want to be and if you don't like your doctor, find another one who has a better bedside manner.



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