15 Weeks Today 12 December

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heather - December 12

is there anyone else 15 weeks ?? and how many months is 15 weeks? just wondering thank you ladies


JS - December 12

I am also 15 weeks today. I think it is 3 months 3 weeks pregnant but i could be wrong about this.


Jenn - December 12

hi heather, I am 15 weeks today too!! it is 3 months 3 weeks-next monday we'll be 4 months-16 weeks divided by 4=4 months!! Do you know when you'll find out what you're having?? Or do you have any intuition to it?? With my son, I just knew he was a boy, but this one I don't know bc I want a girl so bad!! As long as it is healthy is all that really matters though!!


heather - December 12

hello ladies well at my last apptment I had an ultrasound and I aw the p___s so its a boy.. my doctor loves ultrasounds so i get them every appt.. but he went from the head and looked down andthere it was between the little legs.. cool huu.. but are you ladies felling the baby move yet .. i do sometimes. just flutters.. so your due dates are the same as mine.. june 6th cool .


Jenn - December 12

Oh, I am soo jealous, I wish my doc did that. I only get 2 covered by insurance, which sucks but oh well. I feel bumps sometimes, but I am still waiting for a kick. I will probably be having the baby the last week of may because I am having a c section, hoping for june first, so I am out by my birthday-june 5th.


heather - December 12

yea my doctor dies them himself and I only get charged for one ultrasound and its when in 20 weeks and the tech will do it .. so im lucky that way.. but I also was thinking of getting induced early I have family coming and they want to make sure there here for the birth .. with my first son I had family come and I went 1 week late so this time I want to make sure there going to be here for the big day or night.. c-section ouch.. good luck with that.


heather - December 12

opps my doctor does them not dies. sorry


stef - December 13

Your in your 4th month if your 15th weeks. 13weeks starts your fourth month. it goes 1-4, 4-8, 9-12, 13-17, 18-21, ect. you start your 5th month at 18 weeks. good luck.


Helly - December 13

I'm 15 weeks tomorrow - my third child and i'm so excited - am already feeling it move - such a fab feeling!


heather - December 13

hello ladies I thought I was in the begining of my 4 th month but I was not sure.. i still tell people that i am in my 4 th month.. just the begining of it .. so thank yo u again.


sarah - December 13

yes, I am. 15 weeks would be 3 months and two weeks.



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