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MelAnn - November 18

Hi everyone. I am 16 weeks and am only starting to get a small bulge. I often wonder if there is a baby in there- ha ha. Some women do not show until weeks 20. Is there anyone else out there who is not showing just yet?


SB - November 18

I'm also 16 weeks and not showing unless I eat a big meal...I only take my belly pics after I've eaten!! I'll be 17 weeks on Sunday and I still havent gained a single pound...that may be why I'm not showing...I dunno?


MeM - November 18

I'll be 20 weeks monday and I'm not showing yet either. Each person is different and it takes time!


D - November 18

I'm 16 weeks and you can only tell if I lift my shirt. I've had a flat tummy and now it's mushy kinda lost my waistline so I'm struggling with clothes and what size to buy since Idon't know how fast this moves along.


bean - November 18

I'm 17 wks... for the longest time I had no belly either - just a little pudge. I bought one size larger jeans and pants almost 2 months ago and am just now starting to be able to wear them without rolling the tops down to keep them up. I swear though, this morning when I got up my belly seemed huge! It only got that way at night before, and mornings it was flat as always. Now it seems like everything just popped right out - literally overnight.


Tess - November 18

Me!! Im 14wks today and Im not showing yet either (maybe its too early, yah think?) nehoo, I cant wait to show and find out my baby's gender!


g - November 19

I am 19 weeks and already have strangers predicting the s_x of the baby. But I am on #4 and my muscles are all stretched out.


Tara - November 19

I am on my fourth pregnancy(2 healthy babies and 1 miscarriage at 12 weeks)and currently 17 weeks 5 days pregnant. I started showing at 12 weeks. With my first baby I didn't show until after 20 weeks and even then no one but me could tell. My second I started showing at 16 weeks.


Deb - November 21

I just started my 17th week and I've gained 6 lbs. I go the Dr tomorrow. I sometimes wonder if I'm still pregnant too. It's good to hear you guys are similar this is my first. I'm fuller in the waistline but it's hard for others to tell I think.


Shawna E. - November 21

I know you're asking for those who are still not showing, but I wanted to add my experience, because I understand where you're coming from! I did not really show until 20 weeks, and it was not obvious until just the last several days (I'll be 22 weeks tomorrow). Until then, I was somewhat concerned because I did not show at all. I even found this site by doing a search for "18 weeks pregnant not showing"! I mean, I could feel my firm uterus at the proper heght when I lay down, but standing up, there was no real sign until at least 20 weeks. It seemed as if the day the uterus hit my navel (and the fat roll there, ha!), I really popped out and it became more than obvious to me and my husband and mother, if not to most of those I know. I remember that the time leading up to this point, from about my 15 week ultrasound onward, it was difficult for me to FEEL so pregnant but not LOOK pregnant at all. But, just the other day, I had the first experience of someone asking me if I was pregnant! What a joy that was... I almost cried with relief and grat_tude that I was finally showing after waiting so very long for a child (7 years, with 3 previous losses). I can still fit in one pair of my pre-pregnancy jeans, but I must wear them low, beneath the belly. I just wanted to let you know that just a month ago, I had the same feelings as you... "Is the baby still there?" You will get there, and it will be a true joy when you do. By the way, don't pay too much heed to websites that show pregnant belly pictures... they tend to be full of women who look 7 months pregnant when they're only 8 weeks along. It creates an unrealistic expectation for most of us! Best wishes!


Popcorn - December 2

Shawna, your post was great. You describe exactly how I am feeling. I am 17 weeks and not showing at all. I have been eating more and I feel as though I have gained a few extra pounds, so I too have that small extra roll above my belly b___ton. I can't wait for my belly to pop to smooth it out! Nobody has noticed that I'm pregnant, but I think as soon as people do, I will get some extra help - especially from hubby. I'm quite tired at the end of the day and am still running around without much help. I go through very dark moods sometimes where I wonder if I have dreamt this pregnancy up or if something horrid has happened as I'm not growing much. It would be lovely to be able to have another scan to put my mind at rest. I found this web-site in the same way as you, and it's been a real help. Thanks guys!


Tess - December 2

I am officially 16 wks today...I have a little bump but you can't really tell yet not unless you know Im preggers....hehehehe


María - December 2

Hi, same here, 17 weeks almost 18 and not showing at all. Not gained one pound either. Even people ask me if I'm sure I'm pregnant, I'd ask so myself but I've heard the heart beat so I know baby is in there.


to MelAnn - December 2

I, too, have only started showing in the past two weeks, and I just hit 20 weeks today (woo!)... so don't worry about it. 16 weeks, especially if it's your first (like it is mine), is hardly anything to be showing. A few days ago, I got the first stranger noticing I'm preggo. She was behind me in line at the grocery store & said "How far along are you?" I couldn't believe it! When I said "You can tell? You're the first!", the cashier then admitted that she could tell, but she just wasn't sure it was proper to say anything or what to say. It does feel so good to have complete strangers notice. I love this kind of attention! lol


Leanne - December 7

I'm so glad I found this thread. I'm also 16 and a half weeks pregnant and haven't gained any weight but I notice a little tummy even though I can still fit in my pre-preg clothes just fine. It's frustrating because it doesn't feel real. I rented a fetal doppler and it's money well spent because whenever I have any doubts, I can listen to the heartbeat and breathe a sigh of relief!!


valerie3772 - June 29

I'm 18 weeks and have just a little bulge below my belly b___ton. All of my old clothes still fit fine. I'm anxious to start looking pregnant.


Kristin72 - June 29

I am in my 20th week and as of last week I had only gained 1 pound..my body reads differently with a little pooch and my waist looks thicker.



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