16 Weeks Today

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Jenn - April 19

Hi everyone. I'm 16 weeks today! Time is going by so fast! Just wondering if anyone else is due around October 5th...I go in for my next appointment next Tuesday at 17 weeks. I can't wait to see if I get another ultrasound. Maybe we'll find out the baby's s_x! I have a little pooch but to me I just look like I have gained weight, I can't wait until I look obviously pregnant...though I'm sure once I am I'll be miserable trying to carry around all that extra weight. =)


Rachel* - April 19

Jenn, I am 17 weeks today, due on Sept 27. Time is flying by now. The first couple months seemed to last forever, but now the weeks are pa__sing quickly. I haven't had an ultrasound yet, as my doctor doesn't request them until around week 20 unless there are complications. I am going in on May 4th for my u/s. We can't wait :) We are hoping to find out the s_x too. My hubby really wants a boy, so that's what we are hoping for. How about you? I feel like I look fat too. I am starting to get that "pregnant" look. Probably by week 20 there will be no mistaking it. This is my first, and I haven't felt any movement yet. Probably within the next couple of weeks.


Jenn - April 19

Hi Rachel, My boyfriend is stuck thinking it's a boy (actually my parents are too!). My own feeling is it's a boy, but I don't like to say that too often in case I'm wrong. We'll both be happy either way =) This is our first too. I haven't felt any movement either, unless I'm mistaking it for gas! LOL One thing I've noticed is if I lay down on my back (usually in the bath tub) I can see my belly move up & down like a heartbeat. I don't know if it's just my heartbeat or what.... Is that normal? I I think I'll go crazy if I don't find out the s_x soon! I'm so impatient! If we don't find out next week we'll have to wait another month. =( I've done some shopping but so far all we've bought it clothes. We tried to keep it unis_x but we couldn't help but buy some cute blue boy stuff. =) Hope we aren't jinxing it. Well if we're wrong I'll only have to take back about 5 things, that's not too bad. How's your pregnancy treating you? Is it anything like you thought it'd be? Keep me posted.


Sophia - April 19

I'm due October 9! I haven't gotten an ultrasound yet. Is 16 weeks a good time to get one? I have an appointment tomorrow. I cancelled one ultrasound appointment because I felt it was too early. After all, some doctors don't recommend it until later on...


HP - April 20

Hi guys. I'm due October 1. I have the level II ultrasound scheduled in 2 weeks, I can't wait. Hopefully they'll be able to tell us the s_x. This is our first baby too. I have a pooch, but its still easy to hide especially at work (I wear hospital scrubs) nobody can tell if I'm 4 month-preg. Next week, I'll be going for the blood or AFP test. Anybody else opted to take this test?


Crystal - April 20

Hi guys, i'm due oct 1 just like u hp. I'm 16 week going on 17 on saturday. I'm just like u jenn i'm not showing yet(only when i eat lol) and i can't wait.


Jenn - April 20

I hope I don't sound too ignorant but, I didn't know there were different levels of ultrasounds...I guess I've got a lot to learn. I hope to be more knowledgeable by the time we have our second =) Next week at our appointment, my doctor wants to discuss the optional blood tests or tests that we can both choose to take...I'm not quite sure what that's all about. Any info you ladies can share with me? I'm afraid I seem pretty clueless at my appointments. Are ultrasounds really bad for the baby? My future mother-in-law is scaring me by saying that...Am I the only one who doesn't find "What to expect when you're expecting" not all that helpful? Have any of you been pregnant before? Any advice you wish you were told when you were pregnant with your first? To all of my fellow Late September-October Mommies: Good luck with your pregnancies! Let's keep this thread going and we can start a new one week to week. It'll be fun to track each other's progress. =)


Eire - April 20

Hi Jenn - I think I was talking to you in another thread... I have the exact same dates as you - 5th Oct so 16 weeks today... So exciting!! I have had 2 ultrasounds to date.. I am from Ireland and we usually get an u/s at 12 weeks or so. Everything was hunky dory at that stage.. then last week I had some spotting which happened twice more over the next few days so my GP sent me in for another U/S this morning... glad to report that everything went fine! The heartbeat of the baby is really strong, perfect size etc.. they think that the spotting is because the placenta is slightly low but it should move up as the pregnancy progresses.. such a relief.. was worrying myself sick..got my little photo of the baby as well- it looks so wierd!!! It's the 1st I've heard that u/s are bad for the baby.. don't think that's at all true. It sounds from this forum that most people find out the baby's s_x - I'm not going to... want to keep it as a suprise.. as for a bump... can't wait for one - as you said, I just look fat at the moment and I haven't put on any weight!!! My tummy just looks flabby! Oh well!! I'm sure when we're huge we'll be wishing we were small again!!


Melissa - April 20

Hey guys. Im due Oct 7 with my first baby. I am in Canada. Here wthey do 2 ultrasounds, the first one at around 12 wks and the second around 20wks. So i have the picture from the first one and cant wait for the second. my husband is going to go with me next time cause he missed the first one. Its nice to see that I am not the only one stuck in the in between stage, not big enough to look pregnant, just fat! Cant wait till it is obvious. We are going to find out the s_x too. Anyone know how accurate it is when they tell you the s_x?


HP - April 20

Jenn, Level II ultrasound is just a more detailed (or they call it "targeted ultrasound). The scan will take about an hour or more, they will measure the length of baby's bones, making sure they match the gestation age. They'll try to detect any signs of abnormalities like "double bubble stomach" as a sign of down syndrome. And supposely it should be able to detect cleft palate when they zoom in to the baby's face. Its usually done around week 18-22 pregnancy.


ERICA - April 20



Steph - April 20

Hi Jenn my due date is Oct 12th 1 week after you. Today I am 15 weeks preggers :o) You, Eire & Cinshon all are due on the 5th how cool and exciting!


HP - April 20

I read more articles about level II u/s. Its supposed to also detect if there's any abnormalities in baby's heart, liver, feet (for club foot- as it can be a sign of down syndrome) etc. About the harm of u/s, there's controversy out there, but there's still no proves that u/s cause harms to the baby. I work in Radiology department as an x-ray tech, I have some friends who are ultrasound techs. They told me I can get u/s whenever I want. I've had 4 so far, kinda afraid if thats a little too many. Lets keep the thread going as we're all due around the same time.


SAR - April 20

hi all 16-weekers :o) i'm due october 7th, so 16 weeks tomorrow. this is my first pregnancy and all is textbook perfect so far. i have a level II u/s scheduled for 11th may (18 wks and 4 days). my two other u/s have showed that all seems to be normal with my little sprocket, although i still run a quite high risk of downs as i am 40 yrs. the level II u/s should give us more of an idea if there is anything wrong and they can do an amnio that arvo if required. i don't really have a bump yet... i ust feel fat, although my bump is slowly moving north and growing. today is the first day i am wearing "maternity" pants to work (stretchy yoga pants which have a nice big waistband). i bought some maternity jeans on the w/end... the shop had fake bellies that you put on under your clothes to get an idea of sizing. soooo cool :o) i paraded around proudly with my fake bump tee hee. can't wait for my real sprocket to be the same size. take care everyone. xxx


Missy - April 20

I am kinda new to this board - usually I am in General Pregnancy Questions. I am due 10/2, just a few days before you. I went for my AFP testing today (it is required in the State of California) and I go back on May 4 for my next ultrasound to see if we are having a boy or girl. I too just look like I have been eating a few too many twinkies - but I know what's really up ; ).


Rachel* - April 20

Hey Missy. Nice to see you on this board. I find it interesting that you were told that the AFP test is required in CA. I am in CA and I opted not to take it. That's weird. How are the wedding plans going? Are you going to do it before or after your baby is here?


HP - April 20

Hi guys.. I'm enjoying my day off today. I just watched "Babies special deliveries" on Discovery Health channel. Learned alot from the show. I live in CA too. The doc gave us the option whether we want to take AFP or not. I chose to take it. I'm going next week to have the blood drawn.



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