16 Wks How Much Have You Gained

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Laurabelle - October 15

Hi. I am 16 weeks today and am curious how much others have gained by 16 weeks. I have gained 6lbs. Thanks in advance.


Kate and Baby - October 15

Hi Laurabelle, I am now 24 1/2 weeks and I have gained 22 pounds. When I was 16 weeks I gained 11. This past doctors appointment she said that I am still healthy but the baby's size is in the 70th percentile. I wouldn't stress about weight if I were you. I was at first but now I talked to a dietician that just told me to eat healthy, If my body is going to gain the weight then maybe that is what the baby needs. I started out weighing 127pds. Now I am 150. Good luck


Samantha - October 15

Hey, I am 15 weeks and have only gained 2 pounds.


chyna - October 15

hi iam 16 weeks and i gained 5 pounds


Laurabelle - October 15

Kate ~ I'm not stressing about weight. I'm just curious what others have gained. I started out very thin so I expect to gain a little extra weight abyway. And I actually cherish every pound my body gains and every inch my belly grows. :)


shelly - October 15

I'm 23 weeks and have gained 20lbs.Started out at 123 and at doc yesterday weighed 143, he said I'm right on track, but I feel humungous!!


katie - October 15

Im 15 wks. and I've gained 10 lbs


Mary - October 15

I'll be 16 weeks on Wednesday and I have a Dr. appt. on Tuesday. I think I have gained no more than 10 lbs. I'll be back on Tuesday with the facts.


Karen - October 15

I'm 15 weeks and have gained 8 pounds. I gained 4 lbs in the first 11 weeks and then the other 4 in the last 3 weeks.


anita - October 15

at my last dr. appt. @ 15.5 wks i'd gained 7lbs, but in the past couple of wks i've actully lost a lb.


michelle - October 15

i am 19 weeks and have gained 11 pounds. dont know if thats normal or not. i ask doc on tues.


ry - October 15

hey everyone. i am 15 weeks and have actually lost weight from being sick but my stomach sticks out now. its kinda weird but i love it! those that have gained some weight can you tell in your tummies yet? :)


kendall - October 16

im 22 weeks today (yay) and i've gained onle like 12 pounds. do you think thats enough?


janna - October 16

i'm 19 weeks and gained 14 lbs. I started slightly underweight, then gained 3 lbs in first trimester, the rest of it I gained in just 6 weeks! But I've been trying really hard to meet all the protein requirements, some books say that you have to consume 70 mg of protein every day, which seems a lot! May be I need to slow down a little :) I'm - 5' 6 and now - 132 lbs (pre-pregnancy - 118 lbs)


K - October 16

I'm 19 weeks and gained 11 lbs.


JP - October 17

I am 16 weeks as of Saturday and have gained 8 pounds. I seem to gain 2 pounds every 4 weeks. Does anyone know how much you start gaining towrds the end?


Cathy - October 17

17 weeks and 17 lbs.



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