17 Weekish Roll Call

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candy - April 13

hey girls i have been away for like a cpl weeks so i been slackin....lol...how is all doin now....i get my ultrasound to see what the baby is on the 26th....i had one a week ago but it wouldnt open its legs to see in there...lolhow r yall feelin about this time...alot of kicks?any kicks?


camie - April 13

I am also 17 weeks and I get my u/s on the 18th to see what the baby is. I am so nervous that we won't be able to see the s_x. How did you end up being able to get another u/s. I thought insurances would only cover multiple u/s if their was a problem. From what I got from my doc--if we don't see the s_x on the 18th we just don't get to find out??? Just wondering so if it happens to me i can keep my options in mind. I started feeling the baby about a week ago. i don't really feel kicks my slight bubble movements is what i call them. i can't wait to feel it kicking though. I have been feeling great this past month compared to the beginning--morning sickness is no fun!! Well good luck on your u/s.


Kaly - April 13

Hi, i'm 17w and 3 days, been waiting to feel my baby for about 3 weeks now, am getting impatient. It could b a little early to feel considering it's our first child. and our 20th week U/S is 25th this month, can't wait to know if it's a boy or girl. Other than that, been having a lotta backpain every evening into the night and those bad cramps, scaring the hell out of you. are you first time pg ladies feeling anything...already??


candy - April 13

my hubby is in the military and i got to the military facility....the doppler was dead so she just went to the ultrasound to see the heartbeat instead of listen to it...i had like 10 ultrasounds with my last baby....most the time all i gotta do is ask...it is nice to have that security....insurance ppl suck, but since i go the the military facility it dont cost them...cuz they r doin it themselves...it shocks me to feel the baby early but this is my 3rd AND LAST...LOL i am really hopin for a grl cuz the other 2 r boys....gl on what yall want to have....


bump - April 14




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