17 Weeks 4 Days Not Feeling Baby Yet

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Sarah - April 25

The baby was moving around so much in the last ultrasound and everything looks great..But I'm not feeling anything yet! This is my first and reading the other posts, some people felt the baby at 12 weeks, I look forward to my turn! Is this typical or am I a "late feeler"? thanks!


m - April 25

hi sarah, don't worry at all. I'm 17W+1 and I just had an U/S yesterday. The baby was moving all around but I couldn't feel it! Darn! But today, I think I am actually beginning to feel something. If this is my imagination, oh well, it won't be long. And don't worry, when it's your first child, and depending on your weight, it might not be till at least 20 weeks before you feel those magic moments. But it WILL happen soon enough! : )


Heidi - April 25

I'm almost 15 wks and haven't felt anything either but it's my first and I do work out quit a bit and had a pretty firm belly when I got pg so I wonder if that's why I'm not feeling anything?


HP - April 25

I'm 17wk 2days, I can't feel anything either Sarah. If I feel gurgling or noises I think its just my stomach. How can we know if thats the baby or not ? (Its my first pregnancy too)


ekay - April 25

This is my 3rd baby. I felt my other two at 16 weeks and I am 19 weeks now and all I feel are light flutters. I would have thought I'd be feeling acrobatics by now. :-) You might want to try just laying on your back after drinking some OJ and putting your hand on your belly. By the way I was super skinny with my first two and about 25 lbs heavier now with my third, so that might have something to do with it as well. One day you will all be thinking, "Man this kid moves a lot!"


c - April 25

12 weeks seems a bit early to feel the baby move. I've heard it's 16 - 20 weeks.


AMANDA - April 25

Don't worry you'll feel it, i didn't really feel anything until like 20 weeks. i never really felt the "bubbles" everyone talks about, but when i did feel her it was so unlike anything i'd ever felt before! You'll know it when it happens. don't worry. Now I'm 25 weeks, and i find myself asking her to stop it!


Sarah - April 25

Thanks for the suggestion, Ekay, I will try drinking OJ tonight and I will try and "wait" for it. Its the anticipation that is killing me and the worry by comparing myself to others and me thinking that I should be feeling something by now. I know it'll come, I just need patience!! But, thanks everyone!


didfjdfv - April 25

Hey Sarah! You're by no means a late feeler. Don't worry. They say on average that a first baby won't be felt until about week 20ish. I'm 21 weeks and just starting to feel kicks. Some people do feel it earlier but it's usually down to the fact that they've been pregnant before and recognise the feeling. Baby's love to move around at night when you're sleeping too. You're ok.


Tammy - April 27

With my second pregnancy I did not feel anything until about 20 weeks. It varies. Don't be alarmed.


Amy - April 27

Sarah, don't worry. If this is your first child it is normal not to feel it yet. Mainly because you arent sure what it feels like yet. You may be feeling it but putting it off as an air bubble or something of that nature. Thats what I did with my first pregnancy. When the baby really starts to move and kick you will know it. So don't worry. Good luck!!


May - April 27

I did not feel light flutterings till I was about 18 weeks. I wouldn't worry as much because some women, especially first time mothers only feel it when they are about 20-22 weeks.


MWAT - May 10

I am happy to hear everyone's story. I am 17wks and have not felt anything. It calms my fears to know others are anxiously awaiting as well.


Jennifer - May 11

I am 18 + weeks, and I just started feeling little "swooshy" type feelings. I am still not sure what i am feeling but I am taking this as the fluttering they say you can feel. Most women don't feel the flutters at all. So don't worry!!!


Heidi - May 11

My doc told me I probably won't feel anything till after 20 wks. I told her I sometimes feel something like air bubbles and she said that's probably not the baby and that when it finally happens, I'll definately know the difference. She said it's moving around now but I can't feel it yet. You could hear it on the doppler when she was listening to the heartbeat. It sounded like static but she said it's moving when it does that. So I wouldn't worry too much!



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