17 Weeks And Feeling Huge

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Remy - March 9

Hey there I am 17 weeks along and this is my first pregnancy... I was just wondering how big you guys were around the same time of your first pregnancy? Because I am really showing --- I look at the pictures of the pregnant women on amazingpregnancy-pictures.com that are about 23-24 weeks pregnant and thats about how big I am... I just feel kind of wierd because of this... Is anyone else showing as fast as I am? Also, when did you guys start wearing maternity clothes?


Tillie - March 9

I started wearing maternity clothes around 16 weeks--I remember I felt huge, too! Everyone grows differently. And you always look bigger to yourself than to anyone else.


Been There - March 10

All of me seems to be huge. I think people are just a__suming I'm getting fat.


moucheka - March 10

I started to show around 16 weeks, just popped out all of a sudden after a very gradual tightening of pants which left me scrambling for things to wear. For me it was a shock, I couldn't see my feet unless I leant forward! It feels big to me but other people don't even notice I am pregnant which is annoying! I even wore a tight top this week (week 18) and was talking to another lady who was pregnant about babies and she must have thought my familiarity with the topic was odd as she asked 'are you pregnant' and I said 'yes, look!' and turned side on. She and others have said I look small but at 190 pound now I feel like a monster!


yourtrish - March 10

Hi everyone, I'm almost 15w and feeling like a cow as well. I've been showing like crazy since week 10, and since this is my first, it kinda freaked me out. I'm starting to get used to it, but I really wonder how much bigger I'm going to get. I was hoping most of it is bloating and that I'll kinda average-out by the end of the pregnancy. We'll see!


Tanna - March 10

this is my third and although I am showing some at 16 weeks, if you didn't know I was pg, I don't think you could tell. I prob. just look like I have a chubby belly. I am not in maternity clothes yet, but I am in my larger sizes that I still happen to have. It's frustrating to have to go from an 8 to a 12 in like 2 months time! :-) Maybe I would feel better if I just wore maternity clothes.



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