17 Weeks And Losing Weight Baby Ok

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hi - December 31

Hi ladies, I am 2 days shy of 18 weeks and I am overweight-199 pounds. My doc said that we should keep my weight gain to about 15-20 pounds. But I haven't gained anything, in fact, I got on the scale and lost 2 pounds-my stomach is huge with baby and I feel it so I know that it is growing-but is it safe to not have gained yet?? I really packed it on with my son-I have no appet_te with this one. Anyone in the same boat? Is it possible that I won't gain that much at all??


Rans - December 31

Hi - I am now just over thirteen weeks and am also overweight. I have lost just over 20 lbs since I have been pregnant. I am eating healthier though. My doctor says as long as I am not trying to lose it and as long as I am eating well it's ok. I have known of people that have lost up to 35lbs in a pregnancy, and had healthy children. Good luck to you!!


to hi - January 1

Your baby may very well be taking from your reserves. You'll at least gain as much as your baby will weigh once you deliver, plus the weight of the umbilical cord, placenta, amniotic fluid, etc. Personally, I am usually about 145 lbs., which is supposedly only about 15 lbs. above the average for my height... & I didn't really gain any weight until about week 18... even lost 7 or 10 pounds at first. And now, at 24 weeks, I have an enormous appet_te, yet still have only put on 12 pounds. Everyone's different. I wouldn't worry about it.


Lindsey - January 1

I'm the same i've lost 14lbs, but im overweight, My doctor said the same as Rans, that as along as i'm not dieting then it's fine. I'm 17 weeks now and the weight loss has stopped, so looking forward to my bely swelling and adding on a few pounds


J - January 2

I have been the same! Im 20 weeks and was overweight to begin with too. I had lost 20 pounds from morning sickness. I am getting my appet_te back but still dont eat huge amounts. I have only gained back 3 of the 20 that I have lost. My doc thinks the same as the other posts. I know she is a bit worried because she once had me write down what I ate for a 2 week period. I have been eating healthier with barely any pop or coffee so I think that has something to do with it too. Im thinking any week now my appet_te will just go crazy and I will start to gain steadily...


Helly - January 4

I am 18 weeks and I too weigh less than I did when I started (mainly due to morning sickness for the first 14 weeks!) I think it is now mainly due to the fact that i'm right off chocolate, cakes, biscuits and sweets!! Don't worry though - I only put on a stone with both my girls - and once they were born I weighed less than when I started. They weighed 8lb 3oz and 10lb respectively!!! so yes, I'm dreading how big this one is going to be at term!



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