17 Weeks And Uterus At Navel Is This Right

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dee - February 9

hi girls, ive been reading that my uterus is ment to be 2 inches under my belly button at 17 weeks......and only at 20 weeks is it ment to be AT ur belly button. have i been reading wrong? mine is already at my belly button. would that mean that bubs is bigger than what its ment to be?


Alycia - February 9

At my 18 week appointment, my uterus was about 1 1/2 inches above my belly b___ton. At my 27 week visit, it was only measuring 1 cm ahead, so things are slowly getting closer to where they're "supposed" to be. My midwife says that the belly b___ton thing is pretty subjective - everyone's navel is in a slightly different place in relation to their pubic bone. Once they start measuring you with the tape, it should be more accurate.


Olivene - February 9

I am 14 weeks and it is at my belly b___ton, too. I think it could be because the space between my ribs and my pelvis is pretty short compared to a lot of people. I wouldn't worry. Just ask the doc/midwife next time you see him/her.


dee - February 9

lol....well i guess i am pretty short, never thought of that.


Alycia - February 10

It probably is the short torso thing - I'm fairly tall (5'8"), but my torso is very short proportionally. My midwife even commented on that...


Lyz B - February 10

I feel the same way as you ladies about the shord torso thing. I'm 5'6" but I have a "short" torso to. I'm 20 weeks and mine is well above my belly b___ton. With my 1st she was up in my ribs sooner than "normal" LOL Good Luck to all!!!!


ash - February 10

I would sure like to know how you can feel it. I can feel my uterus low, but have a hard time distinguishing where it comes up too.... i spent five minutes trying to feel where it was at. Im not overweight, but is it obvious?


dee23 - February 11

ash, i can just barely feel mine either. doc suggested pushing frimly, and the part that is harder than the rest is your uterus....but no, i dont think it is obvious at all! i still have trouble....but thats just me.


Liz - February 11

my baby has been measuring 2 weeks bigger from the beginning.. it all depends on your body type. Everyone's body does things different.


Alycia - February 11

Ash - I'm quite thin, but I can't for the life of me feel where the top of my uterus is either. I guess it just takes practice... it all feels the same to me.


Mellissa - February 11

i can feel my uterus when i lay down in bed. i started being able to feel it about 2 weeks ago (i'm 17 weeks now). all i do is lay down, and put my hands on my belly (start really low, by the pubic bone) and i cal feel the curve of it. the top is at my belly b___ton now. it's hard and round... i thought it was my bladder at first. lol. but my midwife confirmed that it's my uterus. hope that helps a little!



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