18 Weeks

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Katie - April 6

Hey I'm 18 weeks pregnant today and I feel my baby kick and move all the time it started as fluttering around 16 weeks!, anyways on to my question, has anyone felt big one day then small the next day then big again? it's weird I think it's just me but sometimes when I wake up my tummy seems smaller but my boyfriend says it looks bigger? haha just curious! :)


Jennifer - April 6

I am 24 weeks, and there are still days that I feel small, and then others I feel bigger then a house!! haha. I know that even on the days that I feel small, I probable am not really, but it makes me feel good.


sree - April 6

hey, i also experience the same thing..i am currently in 23rd week...sometimes my belly is big and sometimes its so small...but when i check with my husband, he claims that to be big always :-) i dont know till how long it will be like this...


Trina - April 6

I seemed to pop at about 16 weeks, and it seems like I never have any "small" days anymore. My fiance says some times my belly feel harder than others, but it is always there, steadily growing! I started feeling flutters at about 16 weeks, too. Now, I feel definite movements all the time, and sometimes they are quite strong. My fiance even felt them for the first time last weekend. His eyes got SO big!! it was adorable.


Katie - April 6

yeah my boyfriend felt them a couple of times already! it's nice that he has now because I suppose it seems more real! and when I feel small is when I first wake up in the more then I feel big again...I think it may be water retention or something, others have told me they expierenced the same thing :) thanks for everyones answers..this is my first pregnancy so it's nice to talk to people who are going through it too


Foxy - April 6

I get this too! One day I'm proudly looking at the beginnings of a baby bump and the next day it's gone! It soooo disappointing when it happens! Glad to know I'm not alone.


Heather - April 6

nobody agrees with me when i think im smaller either.. i figure im not actually i just got used to the belly so think its smaller.


breanna - April 22

i feel that way all the time one day im like god i look small then some days i hate looking in the mirror


miranda - April 23

I experience the same thing. In the morning I feel much smaller. It's probably because we tend to retain more water in the evening. Glad to know I'm not the only one!


M - April 24

Me too! I'm 18 weeks on Monday!


lyn - April 24

I am 18 weeks and I have really been able to feel him move more in the last week. it never felt like fluttering before, it kind of felt like something clawing to get out. Now it is like little muscle spasims or like someone tapping on my belly. My husband can even feel him move. I have noticed that when I wake up in the middle of the night to get to the bathroom he also wakes up. So then for 20 miutes he just does the robot or something like that, then falls back to sleep. It is kind of funny.


Michelle - June 2

I am 18 weeks and have not felt my baby move yet. There are days that clothes makes you fill bigger and days that you seem smaller.


Elizabeth - June 2

I am 18 weeks today and I also am not sure if I feel anything.....somedays I feel a slight flutter, but nothing too regular or super strong yet...are there other people who are this far along that also don't feel much?


Cher - June 3

Hi all - Elizabeth, I too am 18 weeks today and I don't think I have felt much either, a slight fluttering but nothing strong enough to really say the baby has kicked me.....I am starting to worry a bit, but my doctor says by 20 wks I should feel definate movement. Guess baby is not ready to make it's presence known - I am so anxious though:)


Elizabeth - June 3

Me too Cher! I am starting to get worried because I don't really feel pregnant! But then I think how much bigger the baby will get in two weeks and we should feel something by then...I can't wait! I did rent a doppler and I can hear the baby's heartbeat...so that has been comforting and SUPER COOL. It also helps me feel more like this is a real thing that is really happening which is great.


Ami - June 11

I am so glad I stumbled across this. I am also at 18 weeks and haven't really felt any movement and I have woken up in the morning to a small belly wondering if I imagined the whole pregnancy even though I have ultrasound photos. Anyway, I feel less worried now that I have read everyone elses comments. Thanks.


Deanene - June 13

So I'm not nuts or at least, I'm not nuts alone. Some days I feel very pregnant and some not. I feel the baby fluttering daily but the size of my belly varies. I'm a size 16 so I had a head start on the round middle. Hard to determine what's baby and what's me. Ha ha. As a worrywart and a scientist who needs an explanation for everything, I've driven my husband mad so I've turned to commiserating online. Thanks for the postings.



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