18 Weeks Not Really Showing

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Marie - February 15

Hi, I'm 18 weeks pregnant (5 months) and I'm not really showing.I went to the doctor and they said the baby is developing fine etc. but I'm worried because most of my friend's with body types like mine are huge or somewhat big..to where you can visilbly tell they are pregnant,Why am I barely showing..!


Alicia - February 15

I am 22 weeks and people still can't tell I'm pregnant unless I wear a tight shirt, if I wear a regular fitting t-shirt some people don't even believe me but I am measuring where I should be and baby seems happy and healthy so I wouldn't be too concerned as long as your dr isn't. I started out at 116 at my 6 week appt and am 5'6" so I was and am very small, only up to 125 today at 22 weeks even but that is around where it should be so even though I don't have a big round belly for everyone else to see I feel big and pregnant so right now I am just happy to not be gaining huge amounts of weight and that I am staying healthy. I have also read that if you have strong stomach muscle you will show later (even though I always thought I had none) so maybe this is your case. Eventually you'll have a big belly and be obviously pregnant and you'll miss these days (I try to tell myself that everytime someone looks at me funny when I tell them how far along I am). Again try not to worry and enjoy this time!


BBK - February 16

Marie, not to worry. My sister had two very healthy boys and she barely showed size (or even symptoms) till the 9th month on both. Both were born close to 8 lbs.


Stephanie - February 21

Hi! You're just like me! I'm not really showing either - in fact, I think that if you didnt know I was pregnant, you'd probably just think I've put on some pounds over Christmas! But EVERYONE says to ENJOY it - the belly will come, whether we like it or not! So try to be happy that you're still so mobile and enjoy it while it lasts.


Debbie - February 21

I am 18 weeks also and barely showing. I am 5'8" and started out at 142lbs. At 16 weeks I hadn't even gained any weight. I have been eating non-stop and am healthy, My doctor told me to eat a bowl of ice-cream before bed each night and try not to worry. I too feel like I should have a bigger belly. I have a little grapefuit, and my belly seems to be developing width across my front area, but not out. I am glad to hear there are others out there like me. Are you feeling the baby move yet?


kellie - February 24

Hi Marie...I'm also 18 weeks along and my belly is not pooching out that much. I have spread out in the hips and gained 9lbs. It's no big deal you will get bigger even if it's not until 8 mo. or so! Hope this helps!!


PP - February 24

People where I work have known about my pregnancy for quite a while and just yesterday my boss called me in and was all serious. He told me he knew that I wasn't pregnant and that I needed to quit requesting time off for my doctors appts. I kinda laughed and he got all weird, He thougth cause I wasn't showing that I wasn't pregnant. Needless to say I always carry around my latest baby picture. He felt really bad and is now giving me the day off paid.


Erin - March 7

Hi there. I'm 18 weeks too and have just a thicker middle. I feel funny wearing the maternity clothes but find them so much more comfortable than trying to squeeze into my old size 8. Hang in there. We have a large part of the summer to be big! (= I think I am starting to feel the baby. It feels like twiches. Very cool.


Laurie - March 7

Those who did not know me would never have even known I was pregnant, infact, my father did not know until the day I gave birth to my son (missunderstanding occured and I had a__sumed my mom had told him)


Kelly - March 8

Well I feel alot better but still can't wait 'til my appointment next week to hear the doctor say "everything is going fine!" I am also 18 weeks, not showing much and haven't felt anything yet. If you didn't know me, you wouldn't be able to tell. My last visit everything was great, gaining weight accordingly, but when you stand next to a women who is obviously pregnant and you are hardly showing at the same time, it's nerve racking! I feel like I don't belong in Baby stores yet!


jessica22088 - May 7

well I'll be 18 weeks in 2 days and I'm showing already and have been for about 2 1/2 weeks


Dawn - May 25

i'm almost at 6 m. and barely showing. The doctor says everythings fine i'm just wondering if anyone else is this far along and barely showing?


Anna - May 25

I have the same problem! But I'm 4 months! Someone tell us!


mandy - June 22

I am on my 3rd baby - I am 18 weeks and really not showing much - just a litttle "pooch" the size of soccer ball. With my last daughter - I didn't show until 6 months - so I had a feeling this might be a girl as well. I went to the doctor last week and.....it is a girl. With my son I was huge and he was my first. I don't know if there is any validity in the way you carry - but for me I carry my girls small and it is mostly across my belly and not "out" Hope this helps - you might have a baby girl on the way!


*** - June 22

Don't worry about it, you are really just starting your 5th month, and I didn't start showing til about 20 weeks. After that, it's only gotten worse, so enjoy this time!!! Good Luck!


A - June 23

I am 25 weeks now and just started showing 2 weeks ago and sometimes still look really small, depending on if I am swelling or bloated.


Lindsey - June 23

I am 16 weeks pregnant and i am at a weight of 140 right now. When i went to my very first dr.appointment i was 142. I know two pounds is not alot but why have i been loosing weight? I dont show really at all the only thing that got bigger is my hips. My doctor said its nothing to worry about and that by the time my next appointment comes i will be complaining i gained so much. But my next appointment is in a little less then two weeks and i still weight 140. Is this normal? I eat all the time and heathy. I just wanna be one that gets one of those huge baby bellies.....!!



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