18 Weeks And Having Severe Headaches

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pixiedustfla079 - January 16

and tired all the time.... is this normal? i do not remember feeling this way with my first but that was 9 years ago. is any one else having this problem?


Tracy88 - January 16

I had a lot of headaches throughout the beginning of this pregnancy. It's only been within the last 3 to 4 weeks that they have started to subside. I took relaxing hot showers, took Tylenol, and laid down with ice on my head until I froze my brain to death! Occasionally I would have to take Fiorcet or Tylox which are both for migraine but prescribed by the OB. The ice really helped though even if I just laid with it on the back of my neck.


Kristin11 - January 16

I have headaches quite frequently also. It is awful but completely normal. I had them when i was prego with my daughter too.


aaaaaaaaaa - January 16

I too had them until just a few weeks ago., I still get them sometimes, but not nearly as constantly...


pueppschen - January 16

i have it almost all the time, and if it starts then it stay for two days for sure. it hurts me more when i have hot showers and sitting idle. lying down does not help. i try to keep myself hydrated and do lots of work when it starts :D, seems to help


SandraJ - January 16

I am 17 weeks with twins and have headaches off and on. Sometimes they last for 2 days. I drink plenty of water and eat often, also try to get rest. Sometimes I find that the fresh air helps as well.


kendall - January 16

I onlly got headaches wehn I was pregnant with my daughter for the frist tri and now I am 25 weeks with a BOY and I am still getting horrible headaches daily, my doc had to subscribe Vicodin to help(which I only take half), Do you know what you are having? Maybe it's cause it's a boy....


suze42 - January 16

I got headaches first tri and now still a little bit in the second tri. It almost feels more like sinus pressure/pain...and tylenol doesnt work. But I think they are less frequent.



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