18 Weeks And I Haven T Seen My OB Yet

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RunningPelican - January 19

Due to Insurance Woes, I had to put off scheduling my First OB appointment to the first part of the year, problem is when I called to make my appointment the soonest appointment they could give me was Feb. 21, which means I will be roughly 22 weeks before I even get to see the Doc. I am really anxious, and I love my OB Doc as he delivered my little boy and to me he is one of the greatest docs around, but I am a worry wart, and worrying is driving me insane!!!!! Thanks Ladies for listening :)


JerseyGirl - January 19

Oh my! That's insane!! I can't believe the dr. won't squeeze you in - even just so you can hear a heart beat and know things are OK in there. If you're already 18 weeks, you should even have had an ultrasound by now, no less see the dr. Best of luck....


RunningPelican - January 19

Thanks, pretty much the only thing that is keeping me sane is that he/she has been moving and kicking......What a RELIEF.


Tracy88 - January 19

Yeah, why can't they squeeze you in sooner???? That just sounds obsurd to me that this person delivered your son, yet you have to wait for over a month to get in there? Do they realize how far along you are? or that you haven't had any OB care up to this point in this pregnancy? Call them back girlfriend!!!


suze42 - January 19

Where do you live? Thats insane! Dumb question here, but did you tell them you were 18wks pregnant and had not had prenatal care yet??? I think you should call them again...and explain clearly your situation...and then call a few other ob's (*ask friends for recommendations) and see if they cant get you in sooner...b/c if they can, you need to think about seeing another OB. Good Luck!!!!


RunningPelican - January 19

I live in Louisiana, and yup I explained my situation (they seemed to not think it was a a big deal), but to me i was like OMG I have to wait 6 weeks for an appointment, which to me is a very long time to wait, she put me on hold and came back and said that was the soonest she had available, but she did say if I had any complications to give the office a call. I do have a friend that works for an OB here in town that I might try to get in to see temporarily to ease my mind at least.


JerseyGirl - January 20

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I say you call back on Monday and tell them you had cramping and bleeding over the weekend and that you need to be seen this week. If they don't do it then, you definitely have to find another doctor. I'm surprised, considering he delivered your son!! Best of luck and let us know if you get in sooner.


Tammy276 - January 20

That is just insane! I can't believe that they put you 6 weeks out knowing that you are already 18 weeks pregnant, and should have been seen a couple times already, not to mention that you are already due for your 18 - 20 week u/s!! I would call them and demand that you get seen sooner, or go somewhere else for your initial visit and still keep the appt. with your doctor for Feb. 21st.. Or like Jersey said, call them up this week and lie and tell them that you have been having major cramping with some spotting and you need to be seen!


suze42 - January 21

ITA...did they even inquire as to whether you were taking prenatal vitamins (are you?) You either need to be more a__sertive, for the sake of your baby...or try some other doc until you get an appt asap. Good luck


Allisonc79 - January 21

I wouldn't wait 6 weeks, not even 3 weeks. You need to just get in somewhere. Itleast explore your options, good luck!



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