18 Weeks Pregnant And Cramping

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Amber - November 14

Hi, I am 18 weeks pregnant with twins, and just today i noticed a little blood when I went to the bathroom....the spotting has stopped but now I am having a tightning feeling in my belly and it hurts a bit, and then I get sparp pains that come and go.....I have beed pregnant before, but I never felt like this....can anyone offer some advice, or have a similar story


Cathy - November 14

Any bleeding that is a__sociated with cramping/pressure is a concern. I would call your doctor or midwife imediately, they may want an ultrasound. I know this from experience. I am 21 weeks and have been bleeding since 17 weeks. I am going in today for yet another us. Be on the safe side and call your doctor. it may be nothing, but then again, you can never be too safe. Good luck and keep me posted


amber - November 14

Hi Cathy thank you for your responce...I am going to call today, but I am a little hesitant because this happend a few weeks ago and i went to the er and after hours of waiting they said there was nothing, so I hate to be a bother over nothing


to Amber - November 14

Get a second opinion anyway, and maybe a third if it makes you feel better. Really. You'd rather be a bother (which I'm sure you aren't, but f*ck it anyway) than not know what's going on.


Amber - November 15

Hi Ladies Well I went to the Doc's and well they said everything looks fine, and the spotting was coming from my cervix because it is sensitive i guess, and they had no reason for the discomfort in my belly....I have an ultrasound this wednesday so they will take a better look then.....I hope to also find the s_x of the babies....thak you all for your advice.


Cathy - November 15

I have discomfort in my belly due to a cyst. My bleeding was also from my cervix, but not much to worry about. Good luck to you!! Went for another u/s yesterday, and all is still well, however there is still blood in the cervix.


Kathy S - November 15

I am 19 weeks with twins also and I have noticed that when they both get to stretching my belly gets rock hard and feels very tight, uncomfortable and sometimes a bit painful even. It seems to be normal with more than one in there. :-) I've been getting sharp pains in my muscles and have also had unexplained sharp pains in my cervix area. So far everything checks out ok. My ob says it is just the strain from our uterus having to stretch out so much faster than normal, so it can be more painful. In my case the placenta ma__s is so large and it covers part of my cervix right now, so I tend to get bleeding if I overdo any physical activity or have v____al s_x. So I take it real easy w/ the physical duties and get lots of rest and we only have oral and a___l s_x to reduce the risk of upsetting my sensitive cervix. You should be starting to feel a little better soon once the muscles start getting used to being pulled. :-) I'm huge already, but this last week the kids seemed to have crawled up into my ribs and have more room, so I feel better and move around a little better, but I know it will be a fleeting rest. I dread the boxing match that will be my womb, in the upcoming months, as they get bigger and stronger. LOL :-) Ouch! God bless you and your loved ones! :-)



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