18w 5d And Cramping

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elizabeth - September 18

i have had cramping off and on this afternoon..has anybody had this and is it normal..my doctors appt. is tomorrow and i get to see what my baby is..i just keep thinking something is going to go wrong i get so nervous. The cramping really dont hurt it just uncomfortable and i feel pressure..and the cramping is like under my pelvic bone? and info please


Emy - September 19

I am in my 18th week too and I have had cramping but it seems like it is on the sides of the uterus for me. I have heard that it could be round ligament pain. It is like a dull ache. I don't know about under the pelvic pone though. I would definitely talk to your doctor tomorrow since it could be related with the cervix. I am sure you are fine but be on the look out (as I am) for any weird discharge (like with some blood in it) or just regular blood. Also, is it just cramping or pelvic pressure. You know, the baby is growing so rapidly now that we are going to have aches and pains in all sorts of weird places. No need to worry unless the pain gets worse, or, like I said, there is weird discharge/blood involved. Let us know what your doctor says.


IC - September 19

Make sure you ask your doctor to check your cervix. You want to catch something with the cervix early. Good luck!


IC - September 19

like an incompentent cervix....the first signs are pelvic pressure and bloody discharge...but don't panic yet...just make sure doc checks you out


elizabeth - September 20

Everything turned out just fine...just that i couldnt see what my baby was because its legs were crossed and wouldnt uncross them haha..so i have to wait till the baby is born cause i dont get another ultrasound...but everything looks good and my baby weighs 10 oz. the doc. said prolly the reason why i am having cramping and pressure down by the pelvic area is because the baby is breach right now and could be kicking the cervix to make it feel like really low pain..thanks so much!!! also about discharge it was a green color so she did a pap smear and she said its just normal discharge commin off the cervix



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