18week And Know About The Movement Of Baby

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help - July 14

hi, i am 18week preg. and wanna know that do we have to feel the baby movement daily and they should be strong.Because i felt in the morning and then i don't feel whole day and also they are not on same time.The movement are very light too just like something touch me from inside for a sec that's it... plz help me this is my first baby.


Jackie - July 14

Hi, I was wondering the same thing. For the past two night I haven't felt anything and only a couple times during the day but for the three night before that I felt it all night long and a lot during the day. It's starting to worry me but if it's happening to you to I think it's probably okay. I read that you should feel the baby move everyday until about 22 weeks or so. I have only felt like once or twice to day and very light like you were saying. I was so excited to start feeling the baby move but now when I don't feel it It's just another thing to freak out about.


Jackie - July 14

Sorry, I mean you shouldn't feel the baby move everyday until about 22 weeks.


Jackie - July 14

It's me again sorry :(. I just pulled this info off a website for you. At first the kicks you notice will be few and far between. In fact, you may feel several movements one day and then none the next. Although your baby is moving and kicking regularly, many of his jerks and jolts aren't yet strong enough for you to feel. But later in the second trimester, those rea__suring kicks will become stronger and more regular. If you're tempted to compare "kicking" notes with other pregnant women, don't worry if your experience differs from your friends'. Every baby has his own pattern of activity, and there's no correct one. As long as your baby's usual activity level doesn't change too much, chances are he's doing just fine.


YC - July 14

I also have the same question. I am 18 weeks preg. and have felt what I think was movement but I am not sure because this is my first. I went in to have an ultrasound last week and the baby was moving all over the place (even doing flips) but I couldnt feel any of them.


help - July 14

wow!! that's what i was thinking that might be right now the moves are not very strong but i wanted to confirm that. I am happy and thankful to u jackie that u found some information about movement and it is really helpful for me..keep in touch .....i really like to talk with u guys...............................


meg - July 14

Hi Girls, I started feeling baby no. 2 at 16 weeks, mostly in the morning. A baby is still very little at this early stage so you will not feel it as often as you wila about 5 weeks later. Dont stress too much about it. If you are worried have a cla__s of cold ice water or juce and see if that helps.


michele - July 14

hi ladies. i will be 5 months this suday and i have yet to feel anything. and i to also had an ultrasound and the baby was doing flips and i couldnt feel anything. i was just wondering when i would be able to feel some movement cuz i kno each person is different. the only thing i know not to do right now is stress about it cuz it will all come in due time.


c - July 16

Baby tends to move more after a meal. Eat a good meal and sit or lay down for half an hour. I really start feeling movement at this time. Also, my little one reacts to temperature changes. Wash your hands in cool or warm water and place one on your belly, you may feel a kick after 18 weeks. Also baby tend to be more active at night and easily missed. During the day with activity, baby sleeps or you are too busy to notice. Hope this helps.


... - July 18

hi!!! i dunno if this is true or a joke.i heard if u are fat u cannot feel the baby moves always.i always feels the baby move everyday morning afternnon evening^_^well we are all different.


^_^ - July 19



NICOLE - August 5

i am 21 weeks and i dont feel my baby move all the time either. this is my second pregnancy, and i think that i am more nervous about this one than i was for the first one. everything worries me! do you feel like this? anyway i just wanted to tell you that your not the only one that is worried! but i do find that they do move alot more when your lying down. i was about 20 lbs overweight when i got pregnant with this one, so i'm sure that has something to do with feeling the movement later than someone that is 20 lbs underweight! i think we are fine and we will feel the baby move more when he feels like kicking more! take care!



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