18wks And No Movement

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ksealy4 - February 23

I am 18wk4d and I haven't felt anything that might be considered flutters or butterflies. I have however felt sharp pains on the side of my belly...not enough to make me keel over or start crying but just a sharp quick pain. Has anyone else been feeling anything like this?


florinna - February 23

Me too! I'm 18 wks today, and I think the occasional sharp pain is my ligaments/uterus stretching. Once in a while I *think* I feel a little bumping but I wait for it to happen again just to be sure and nothing! Very annoying. All I want to do is lay around all day with my hands on my belly waiting for that rea__surance...


jodie - February 23

Hi! When I was preg with my first I didn't feel him until aobut 26 weeks...it was crazy!! At my 20 week ultrasound he was all over and the tech couldn't beleive that I couldn't feel him. This time I started feeling my little girl at about 16 weeks. Some people feel it sooner and some later. I am sure everything is fine. As for the pain florinna is right I am sure it's ligament stretching. It's a weird pain because it's not a cramp just a sharp pain! Good luck with feeling the baby!!


krnj - February 23

Hi I'm almost 18 weeks with #2. I've felt some movement on & off for the past few weeks. No kicks yet though. I've also been getting pains in my side. I think it's just the baby pressing on something or ligaments stretching. I think with my son I felt him kick at around 24 weeks. Good luck!


squished - February 23

I too have the sharp pains...my doc said it's just the ligaments. I've gone from feeling things that make me question whether or not it's baby to in the last couple of nights feeling the little one kick me quite a few times. I'm just at 19w.


KristinTone - February 23

I too feel those pains...mostly when I get out of bed in the morning. It is aches....I notice them worse when I am wearing restricting clothes like jeans. I feel some sight kicks and movement going on throughout the day (17w 4d) I agree with the others that say everyone is different. It started out as a popping feeling. The wait is worth it because when you do feel them it is the most amazing thing!


wailing - February 24

Don't Worry:) I didn't feel any movement until 20 wks. And even then it was soooo small it was barely noticeable and very sporadic but soon after it'll be undeniable. Now at 24 wks I can see my little boy kicking. And as for the pain. I'm sure it's just the ligaments stretching, there are all sorts of little aches you'll feel from ur body changing. Unless it's accompanied by bleeding or dizziness I'm sure it's normal.


florinna - February 25

So funny, I posted Friday and since Friday night I've undeniably felt the baby moving, sortof a light bumping/kicking in various places, all weekend. Even my hubby felt it once! So there it is...


squished - February 26

Yeah!! congrats florinna! I have a question about movement. A few days ago my little one was kicking up a storm and I could feel it, especially at night for about 3 nights in a row. And then not much the last two days. Yesterday I felt one and nothing at night except for this little hard ball rolling around. When will it get more consistent and I won't worry myself to death b/c I haven't felt it move all the time? Oh yeah I'm 19w 3d. Thanks!



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