19 Stone And 17 Weeks Pregnant

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Lindsey - December 30

Hi, are there any larger ladies out there that are pregnant, i've spoken to my midwife and she has said that as long as i eat healthy throughout my pregnancy i should be ok, but I am slightly worried that i will lose my baby because of my weight. I have already have 1 miscarriage at 7 weeks.


to Lindsey - December 30

I knew at least one woman who was 250 pounds, didn't even eat healthy, did drugs for some of her pregnancy, but her child is beautiful & intelligent. I'm not endorsing her unhealthy lifestyle, but I also don't think that being a large woman necessarily means you're unhealthy either. And I've read recently that if you miscarry, it's true for many women that you won't miscarry again unless you have a serious medical condition. Again, I don't feel that being "large" is necessarily unhealthy. If you're already 17 weeks along, I suspect you're doing pretty well. Can understand your worry though, since you've previously miscarried. Good luck throughout your pregnancy!


Jbear - December 31

It's harder to get pregnant when you're big, but it doesn't increase the risk of miscarriage. I'm not pregnant anymore (2 wonderful kids) but if you're looking for other large pregnant ladies to talk to, look in the general pregnancy forum for a thread called plus-sized and pregnant. Also, there is a yahoo group you can join called OPSS-L that is for women who are at least 50 lbs overweight. I belonged to it during my last pregnancy and it was a great help and comfort.


Lindsey - January 2

Jbear, thankyou very much for your help regaring the yahoo site, I am currently awaiting membership, and am sure it will be a great help


Karen - January 2

Hi Lindsey - the site here is also great and was mentioned above - found in the General Pregancy Questions section - it is renewed on the 1st and 15th of each month and many women use it - really supportive site and women range from 180 lbs to 275 lbs and are giving birth to beautiful and healthy children and actually having really health pregnancies!!! Many women use that post because its not subject to all the cruelty found on other sites...I think the most recent post is called Plus Size - January 1st (or something like that). Go take a look...welcome and good luck!


Lindsey - January 3

Thanks Karen, I saw that one listed above but couldn't find the link, thanks for your help, I'll now look at the lead on 1st Jan 06. This site has been a godsend for me as when i suffered my miscarriage before it was nice to talk to other people who had experienced the same thing. Thanks for you help xx



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