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J - July 10

What is average weight gain at 19 weeks? I am 5'4 and pre preg. I was 108lbs now I am close to 120lbs. Is this too much?


BIA - July 10

My pre-pregnancy weight was around 120 and I am currently at 128 at 18 weeks. My doc put me on a diet at my last appointment, thought. Right- tell a pregnant woman to diet...ha!


Lynn - July 10

My prepreg weight was 128. At 20 weeks I am now 142. Doc hasn't said anything yet & I'm not worried about it either. I read somewhere that you should try to keep your weight gain below the number of weeks thatyou are.. so if you are 19 weeks, not to gain more than 19 pounds. So that you don't gain more than 40 over the entire pregnancy. I told my doc that there was no way I was going to stay around the 25 pound mark. I said to expect more like 40 from me. As long as I get some b___bs out of the deal I could care less:-)


Ca__sie - July 10

BIA, your doc put you on a diet because you had gained 8 lbs by week 18??? I'm 18 weeks now and I've gained 12 lbs! My doctor hasn't said anything about it. I was 135 at the beginning at 5'7" so I'm not worried about gaining a little more. I think I'd feel really hurt if my doctor put me on a diet. How did you react to him/her?


ca__sandra c. - July 10

I don't know what "normal" weight gain is. BUT, pre-pregnancy I was 5'9 130....then I lost 10 lbs, and have finally made my first gain on the plus side at 131.5 lbs at my 18 week appointment. w00t. haha i've been eating more/better now though than I had previously so I think I will become more regular.


Jackie - July 10

I am 18 weeks and I have 11 pounds.


Ranya - July 11

J, everyone is different but I think you were underweight to begin with so you should be putting on even more. BIA, your doctor's nuts, are you sure he didn't put you on a healthy diet to make sure the baby is getting enough nutrients? All I know is that pregnant women are not supposed to go on diets for the purpose of losing weight!


KLM - July 11

I am in the opposite position, 19 wks and gained 3 lbs...my boyfriend thinks I am starving the baby even though the dr says its growing fine...this is my first and I was average weight of 127 prepreg and 5'6. I think we will always be concerned whether it be too much weight gained or not enough.



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