19 Weeks And Gained 1000lbs

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Melissa - May 12

Ok not really, i just feel like i gained 1000lbs. I have actually gained 11lbs., but my husband measured around me the other day and my waist is 10 inches bigger than it was pre-pregnancy. I feel like a freak. I swear 2 weeks ago you would never guess I was preggo and then it just popped out! " Holy c__p" i said, where did this thing come from.


Heidi - May 12

Don't feel bad. I gained 17 and I'm only 17 wks pg. I told my boyfriend to just let me out to graze every night and I'll be fine. LOL! I was like 115 before all this happened!


Y - May 12

Why do you feel like a freak? You're pregnant, DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I can't get over some of these posts about 'gaining weight while pregnant" - you silly girls - pregnancy is just what you needed.....a time to finally grow up.


K - May 12

Wow! Calm down there Y! I agree putting on weight shouldn't be a worry in pregnancy, but come on, we all go thru a stage at some point where we look in the mirror and go Oh My Goodness, I never used to look like that! :-) Oh well, just think of a healthy little baby, its worth it!


citrouille - May 13

Of course we are all a little surprised by our changing bodies, and yes we know that we'll put on weight during the pregnancy. I was also surprised by how fast I put on weight and how my belly just popped out one day and suddenly everyone was noticing! 11 lbs isn't bad melisa, I'm 20 weeks and I've put on more than that and I started out at 123.. I must be at least 140 now! (But I can't stand weighing myself anymore!haha)


First Time Mum - May 13

Who cares? It is the one time in our life were it is accepted that a woman will not be slim with an iron board stomach. I say just enjoy yourself - a little of what you fancy never did anyone any harm, as long as we don't go over board. Don't forget we are responsible for this little bundle/bundles inside of us. I am 14 weeks and since it is my first there are so many things that are new to me. Tomorrow I'm off to get some maternity clothes - right now I can just about fit into two pairs of trousers and I would like to feel more comfortable. Good luck to you all!


Heidi - May 13

It's just a total shock that's all. I'm 30 so I've never seen myself heavy till now. I know it's good for the baby and it doesn't bother me that bad but my self-esteem has hit an all time low because mose people think I'm just getting fat and don't know I'm pg. And I've NEVER been overweight so I want to tape a sign to my a__s saying "I'm preggo" give me a break! LOL!


m - May 13

know how ya feel Heidi. I'm showing, I know I am, but it's one of those things where you know that other people are wondering "is she pregnant, or fat"! A man came by the house to give us a quote on some remodeling and I kinda let him know I was pregnant and wanted the work done before she's born, and he had a surprised look on his face! I just know he musta thought I was just fat! ; ( LOL.... that's OK....I can handle it. This is my 2nd, so I know that the weight will come off with a little effort on my part, and mother nature as well.


Melissa - May 13

Guys, i think some people are getting a little hormonal about my post, I dont care that I gained 11 pounds, i will surely gain 30 more...I was just referring to how quickly my body has changed, seemingly overnight. Heidi, you get what I meant...its just a shocker.


Celia - May 13

I'm 17 weeks and have gained about 15 lbs. I like stepping on the scale! It's the one time in my life that bigger numbers ( as long as they're logical) mean i'm going to have a healthy baby! live up the time where you can step on a scale and not be ashamed of how you weigh. i do feel like i look like a heffer. But hey, don't we all? :) Love ya girls!


Heidi - May 13

I was in Quizznos the other day and wearing my jogging shorts and a t short and felt like a blimp. When I walked by this guy I swear he said something to his girlfriend and they watched me get in the car. Of course I didn't know them as it was in a different town but I wondered if he said, look at fatty! I was pale as a ghost too from not tanning. I just feel like a cow some days.


KrisD - May 13

Well this ought to make some of you feel better... I am not a very big girl (pre-pregnancy) but 5 more pounds and I will have surpa__sed my husband's weight. That stinks!


littlemrsb - May 13

To those of you who ARE worried about your weight, I reccomend charting it each month on the weight tracker at www.verybestbaby.com. It is a wonderful tool, and helps you to know if you are staying within a safe range of weight gain for a healthy baby. Good luck to you all, and remember, Pregnant = Beautiful... savor each moment!


Nicole Watson - June 10

Holy c___p!! I am 18 weeks and 3 days and I had the EXACT same feeling yesterday and of course today. Other freak..


Nicole Watson - June 10

Holy c___p!! I am 18 weeks and 3 days yesterday and of course today. Other freak..


Nicole Watson - June 10

Please excuse the last submission...I haven't been on a computer in a longggg time! Holy c___p!! I am 18 weeks and 3 days and I feel EXACTLY the same!!! This all started yesterday. Other freak..


J - June 10

21 weeks 1 day and have gained 17 pounds. That seems like a lot to me, but the dr. a__sures me it's fine. I was pretty small to begin with, so this is a big shock. I still exercise at least 3 or 4 times a week, so I didn't anticipate gaining this much. Just think, I'll probably gain 15 more before it's over. I am thankful that most of it is in my belly and b___bs - no where else. Everyone says that they can't tell I'm prego from behind, which makes me feel better. I just have a really hard time eating healthy - all I want is pizza and brownies!!!



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