19 Weeks And Have A Few Questions

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SuzieQ - May 7

Ok, first - Is it ok to have a hard uterus for a few minutes after s_x? Second, lots of ewcm is ok after a bowel movement? (no pink or odd odors) And, last, my stomach is sooo tired some days! I'm assuming it's because I'm growing, but some days I don't even want to move because it feels so tired - like I did a big ab workout or something! Anyways, your input is hugely appreciated and I would be totally lost without all the support here! :)


Mandy1984 - May 8

hi suzie, I asked the same question about a week ago, After s_x my tummy goes rock hard and feels really tight, everyine said that it was normal its just your uterus contracting, I did feel it with my other pregnancys but not until 24wks + but I guess everyone is different, i'm not sure what you mean ''ewcm''? As for the 'ab workout' thats exactely what your tummy is doing, As you are growing your muscles are being stretched and distorted.. Joys of pregnancy I guess, I'm right behind you I'm 18 weeks and 1 day


Betul - May 8

Hi Suzie! Yep, everything you described is completely normal. Mandy is right, it is your uterus contracting after s_x but not to worry, it is safe (unless you are on pelvic rest, of course) And the ewcm (egg white cervical mucus) is normal too. Right now our bodies are producing extra discharge and mucus to protect the cervix from infections and foriegn bacteria. Ditto everything Mandy said on the ab workout!


tryingx3 - May 8

Might considering buying one of the support maternity belts sold at Motherhood or JcPenney. I actually like the support mine gives me...didn't like it the 1st day and don't sleep in it, but wear it to work all day and it fits snug enough no one knows I have it on. I also wear it when I know we are going to be out walking or on my feet alot.


SuzieQ - May 8

thanks ladies :) All this stuff happens to me on weekends and I feel silly paging my doc to ask him stuff like that. Nothing "felt" like an emergency, so.... anyways, thanks :)



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