19 Weeks And Sleeping Problems

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mandee25 - June 22

Does anyone have a hard time winding down at night? This past week there has been a few nights where it took me 5 hours to nod off and even then I couldn't get into a deep sleep. ARGHHHHHHH!!! It is so stressful and frustrating to not get decent sleep especially when I know I have to work the next night. I use a body pillow which I love but I still toss and turn. My mind just won't relax no matter what I do. HELP!


AmyF - June 22

Normally when I get like that I take a regular tylenol and it helps me drift off to sleep. I haven't really had that much problems- I'm sure I will when I realize the baby is coming soon (I guess when I start going every 2 weeks to the Dr.)


cmfqueens - June 22

I get like that too sometimes, try some caffine free hot tea! it does not work all the time but sometimes it helps my brain stop racing...Happy Sleep :(


tryingx3 - June 22

At 19 weeks you can probably do 1 tylenol pm if it gets really bad...but I didn't like it! I took 1/2 of 1 and tried it 2 different times and had the wackiest nightmares. I'd go with AmyF's suggestion and try a plain tylenol.


amyn - June 22

you can try drinking milk before you go to bed about a half hour or so, that relaxes me.


KLT - June 22

They say Chamomile tea is safe to drink too and that relaxes you... you may wanna double check on that though.


Deirdra - June 23

do you read or watch tv while lying in bed? b/c ive had the same problem and the doctor said to lie down in bed to sleep and thats it...


mandee25 - June 24

Deirdra, yes I read and sometimes watch tv in bed. I thought this would help me fall asleep when I needed to but it doesn't really help me.


SuzieQ - June 24

Whenever this happens to me, I make sure I get some outdoor exercise (walks are good) during the day, take no naps, and tell myself all day that I will go to bed early that night. After dinner, I'll do mild housework (no laying down to relax) and then take a warm shower, followed by warm milk or decaf tea while I read. I don't know what works for you, but sometimes you have to almost train yourself to sleep properly :)



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