19 Weeks And Still Getting Sick

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Tigerphoenix - June 1

Ok I'm starting to get worried. I'm 19 wks and still getting so sick that I can't move. I've been on Zofran for the past 3 month and ran out on Friday. I decided to see if I could go with out it and was ok for two days then BOOM I'm back to getting so sick I nearly pass out. I wasn't able to move on monday and on tuesday when I tried to go to work they sent me home because I couldn't even lift my head for long. It wouldn't be so bad if my insurance would cover the Zofran but they only pay for 12 in a 30 day period. I take two a day just to get me through work (this is rationing them). I haven't been able to do anything in months. I'm at my wits end. All I do is cry (what a wuss right). Everyone is worried about me and I'm scared. I had to rant about this. Its drivng me nuts.


lisa - June 1

i am sorry you are feeling so bad....i myself am 18weeks and still have morning sickness....how were you earlier on......mine was horrible.....now i hardley ever seem to eat because i look at how will this taste coming back.


kim j - June 1

Pregnancy can be so hard but so rewarding.... With my first 6 years ago I felt great the whole 9 months. I was only 18 so maybe that is why.. Besides my tummy getting big I didnt even feel preggo. IT WAS GREAT!!!! Well we are preggo with our second and I feel like c___p everyday. I am about 17 weeks and my midwife said it should be getting better soon. Everytime I think I am getting over all this c___p It comes back. It is possible that it can last the whole 9 months. Not to make you feel worse but this happened to my girlfriend. I find myself crying all the time and it is silly but just remember what your body is going through. YOU CAN DO IT! Everytime I start feeling awful I try and picture what this little baby is going to look like and what I am going to do in the nursery and little things like that. Sometimes this helps me but sometimes it can be hard. Try not to be scared and you are not a wuss. So much is going on inside of you that if you really sit and think about it, it is amazing. This is why women have the babies because men cant even handle a RUNNY NOSE. lol Well I hope things get better for you. We are half way done and getting closer and closer to seeing this little bundle of joy that makes us feel so bad eveyday. It is so worth it though! Good Luck!


h - June 1



Kelsey - June 1

I am 20 weeks and still feeling soooo tired. I have the hardest time waking up for work in the morning. I feel like my body is so drained. I read that you are supposed to feel better in your 2nd tri and that is not the case for me. Anyone else still extremely tired? Kelsey


Julie - June 1

My really bad morning sickness left at about 15 weeks but I still get sick in the morning and am 21 weeks.


RR - June 6

I have been horribly sick with this pregnancy. I got to a point where I couldn't even eat a thing -nor could I even drink water- Nothing was staying down, so my doctor had to put me into the hospital for a week where I was fed intravanously - it was horrible - I thought I was dying - I missed 6 weeks of work and could barely get out of bed some days- I used to cry when my doctor would say "It will only be like this for another month!" It seemed like an eternity. I too was on Zofran and had to take it every 6 hours round the clock - When I felt a little better I also tried to go off it for a day and it came back like a ton of bricks. Thank God I have insurance because that prescription is so expensive! I am now 19 weeks and feel significantly better - I can actually function now and go to work - I have been off the Zofran for over 3 weeks although I still have morning sickness and it is really hard to eat anything that doesn't make me sick. I now have heartburn and indigestion which is a daily problem. I wish I could tell you that I had a quick fix for you, but all I can say is it will get better-maybe not completely better but definitely better- I can totally sympathize with everything you are going through and I understand how hard it is. Let me know if it gets better.



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