19 Wks Not Really Showing And Baby Movements Really Low

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Mommyof1 - April 9

Is it normal to be 19 weeks and not "really" showing? Does it mean that baby is not growing lik eit should? Also baby is kicks are really low like on the hair line is that normal I don't remember any of this from first pregnancy? Please help worried :)


meg - April 10

I'm with you on that! (or at least I was...I'm now almost 30 weeks). I'm also pg. w/ number 2 & I thought that I would get bigger faster & feel movement earlier than I did w/ my first (which was around week 16). I know with this baby it wasn't until week 17-18 that I first started to feel the little flutters & it was still several more week before I was feeling any real kicks. It was also not until I was around 23-24 weeks before you could really tell that I was pg. I'm fairly slender too, but I guess I just didn't "grow" as quickly as I thought I would. Everything is just fine w/ my baby & I'm sure that yours is fine as well! Good luck to you!


gabbysally - April 10

I can't relate to the not showing aspect, by all my movement is that low also. I'm about 24 weeks and haven't felt any movement anywhere else yet. I asked my doctor about it monday and he wasn't concerned. she's comfy down there I guess. have you had an ultrasound yet where they measure the baby? when you have your 2nd tri ultrasound they measure everything and will tell you if baby is growing right. good luck!


llukenjess - April 10

I'm almost 17 weeks and i've felt the baby move only like 4 times...is that normal?


ejmeskan - April 10

Mommyof1 I was right there with you with my first pregnancy. I actually didn't start showing with him until I was 22-23weeks along. I thought I would never show! Meg I felt the same way...I always hear you pop super early with your second. Although I am only 13 weeks (I measure myself and I am only where I was at 9 weeks with my first) it's weird how this works!!! I will be interested to know about movement. I felt my first pregnancy at 17weeks


Mommyof1 - April 10

No I haven't had an ultrasound yet the "official" u/s is scheduled for April 23 and I am sooo excited. Thanks its comforting to know that some of us have been experiencing the same things. I tend to be a worry wart :) I also purchased a doppler to rea__sure myself and it's weird because babe's heart beat is sometimes low at the hairline also but always strong 150 beats or more. Thanks ladies I will try not to worry :)


ejmeskan - April 10

Oh Mommyof1 I remember that exact feeling...I was just like "There must be something wrong with me...why am I not showing?" I am 5'10 though. How tall are you?


Mommyof1 - April 16

ejmeskan, I am 5'3" and my weight was 162 at last dr. appt. so not exactly slender but it's so funny because I think I must have spoke too soon within the last week I all of a sudden ballooned lol :) must have been all that fattening food I thought I was getting away with. And babe is just today started to kick a higher so I am feeling good :) still can't wait for ultrasound. I am soooo excited. Thanks for all of your help ladies i get so much help from this site.


ejmeskan - April 16

20 weeks now...that's about right...a lot of people start to show around then! Oh how exciting...I can't WAIT for my bump! I am so excited to rub the baby!!! And to feel the kicks...oh how I just LOVE being pregnant!!! How fun!


Cookie - April 17

I'm the same way, i'm 5 10 1/2 and pg with my 2nd baby and almost 19 weeks...sometimes in the evening you can see my baby bump...but mostly I look the same...I keep my weight and measurements and with my first I had gained about 16 pounds at this stage and gone from a 28 in waist to a 35...now same time i've gained about 6 pounds so far and went from a 27 inch waist to a 31 1/2....my midwife has told me the baby is growing just fine...so i'm trying not to worry...but with both pg I never got super big...I used to get such weird looks from people when they would ask if I was like 6 months along but in fact I was 9 months...I think it's just that i'm tall so I carry different, but people can be so mean...I would cry to my dr in my first pg so worried something was wrong...and I had a lovely 6 pound 13 oz daughter...perfectly healthy...so just be a__sured your little one is just fine :-))


Mommyof1 - April 25

Well Ladies, I found out a few days ago everything is ok and right on target with the baby. She's a girl!! So all of my worrying was in vain lol :)



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