19th Week My Belly Isn T Getting Any Bigger

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mandy - November 15

I am in my 19th week and my belly is not getting any larger than what it was at week 15/16, at all. I still haven't felt any fetal movement yet. I haven't had any bleeding, but a week ago I was having bad cramps in my lower abdomen along with lower back pain...it was constant for 3 days and through the nights aswell. Since then it has stopped, but should I be concerned, or am I just being silly?! I just thought that I would have a little bit of a belly in my 5th month, but I don't even look pregnant!? what's going on? :(


Charlene - November 15

I am 24 weeks and feel your pain. I see my Dr this week luckily and will make sure thingsa re ok. I think we have some preconceived idea how big we should be at certain points, but, I have also read many post where women did not really show until 7+ months. I have not experienced any cramping or pain, so if this is a concern, call your Dr and discuss. That's what they are there for. Good Luck


amy - November 15

im 19 wks with my 3rd child and when i have on clothes,u cant tell im prganant.i have pretty much out grown my pre-pregancy pants and when i look in the mirror with no clothes on i do have a belly.but nobody else can tell im pregnant.i was like this with my other kids-but even smaller,dont worry it will grow and youll wish it wasnt so big-id say around month 7.my other kids werent small babies either,so dont let the small belly fool u!!!!!!


No name - November 15

Technically, you are not yet in your 5th month. I am also 19 weeks (which is really 17 weeks baby growth) and my bump is the same as at 16 weeks too, only I have a bit more flab/bloat at night. It's not hard or anything. This is normal for most people. You really should pop at about 22 -26 weeks. Stay positive.


Mandy - November 15

Thank-you guys so much for your input and the comments. I think I may just be a little worried!? My previous pregnancy ended with a miscarriage, which I know happens often, but the baby had died at around 9-10 weeks and I didn't end up finding out until I was well into my 5th month. I hate thinking that I could be carrying my baby that isn't alive Again and not know it :( It's nice to hear from other people about these issues.


No name - November 15

Mandy, I was feeling vulnerable as well so I rented a Doppler and listen to my baby's heartbeat every night.


to Mandy - November 15

If this is your first baby, it makes sense that your stomach muscles ache so much from stretching in a way they never have had to before, & that you're not showing as much as women who've had babies before would be at 19 weeks because their muscles are a lot more lax now.


Terra - November 15

Perhaps those discomforts are the baby kicking , you don't always feel the kicks in your tummy (under the belly b___ton or lower stomach) I feel like most of her movements are likely at my back and tail bone at this point, although I get kicks and movement around my belly, depends how I'm laying and what time of day.. Is this your first pregnancy?? I've felt movement for more then a couple wks now, some women don't feel any until week 21.. but if it does concern you call the doc.. He'll likely get you an ultrasound, and you will see for yourself your little one moving around in there.


Ashley - November 16

Hey, I understand your concerns about the cramps but don't worry about not showing. I didn't have any kind of bump at all until about 22/23 weeks and then it's like my stomach finally relaxed and let it all hang out! ;) I hope you hear the heartbeat soon!


Katharine - November 17

Mandy, I understand your feelings as I too am pregnant again after a missed misscarriage, although I found out at a routine scan about a week after the baby had died. I am now 17 weeks 2 days (LOL) and my doctor, sensing my worry, has already scheduled me a scan just to put my mind at rest. That was at 8 weeks, and I wanted another at 12 weeks and when I spotted a little brown blood I had another at 13 weeks. Nothing soothes those worries like seeing that little heart beating away. So please, go to your doctor and get a scan. Otherwsie you will just fret.


me - November 17

Enjoy not showing, because as soon as you do, the hormones are going to tell you your fat, and all that stuff. I was wearing all my normal clothes at 19 weeks too. When I hit 21 weeks, my stomach just all of a sudden ballooned! And now it's just getting worse. Now 25 weeks, it's not that obvious that I'm pregnant and most people keep commenting that they were double my size at that stage lol. So don't worry, it'll happen!! You'll have your scan soon anyway, and that will put your mind at ease. Enjoy being able to do everything without pain yet.



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