20 Pounds 24 Weeks

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Jenn - August 15

I have already gained 20 pounds and am only 24 weeks. I started at 108 and am now 128. Is this normal? My Dr. said I should only gain 25-35 pounds, at this rate I will gain at least 40. Anyone else gained this much.


jb - August 15

It sounds like you were very small to begin with (108). I would love to have been 128 before I got pregnant!! LOL! Anyways, it just depends on the person. What did your doctor say about it?


Ca__sie - August 15

Jenn, I wouldn't worry about it. I was slim before I got pregnant and have gained A LOT thus far. I have gained 23 lbs and am only 23 weeks. I don't feel I am eating that much, so my only answer is that my body feels the need to bulk up and also that maybe I'm gonna have a big ole baby. :-) My doc says I'm healthy, so I'm happy.


Gina 12-27-05 - August 15

I have gained 17 pds at 21 weeks. I am worried too.


M - August 15

I always gain 50-70lbs. I also have a friend who went from 105 to 190. I wouldn't worry.


M - August 15

Yes, lol, I always lose it. Usually within six months.


shelly - August 16

They say to gain 30-40 lbs if you were underweight to begin with. Being 108 you were underweight, so you should be allright. I'm 14 weeks and I've gained 10 lbs. so I'm on my way!!!


Raychel - August 16

Lol, I weighed exactly 108 when I got pregnant. Now I'm 19 weeks and I weigh 128 pounds. When I went to the doc a week ago, I haven't gained no more weight, since the last time i went in. Lol, I went in July at 14 weeks and they told me i weighed 128. I WENT NUTS. But when I went in last week, I still weigh 128. My doctor told me the reason for this was smaller women tend to gain the weight in early pregnancy, and only gain a couple pds after the 1st trimester every month. So, you'll be okay.


Lenore - August 16

I was 122 pounds before getting pregnant and have gained 18 pounds at 21 weeks. I put the weight on in the beginning and now it seems to be slowing down. I don't eat fast food but it seems like my body just needed to put this weight on. I will be worrying after the baby if it doesn't come off, but for now I am going to focus on my growing baby and try not to look in the mirror too much!


MM - August 16

I would not stress over it. When i was preg with my daughter i went from 129 to 189 at time of delivery. So dont stress keep doing what you are doing. With this preg i started out at 138 and am up to 157ish and i am at 19 weeks.



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