20 Week Ultrasound And Juice

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audrey - November 9

I'm getting my 20 week ultrasound in a couple of days... my doc recommended I drink several glasses of water prior to the appt. A friend recommended I drink 1-2 glasses of OJ prior to the appt bc the sugar in the juice will prompt the baby to be more active. Have any of you tried this?


Laurabelle - November 10

My u/s is on Friday...I want an active baby too! We really want to know the gender!


jb - November 10

Yes lots of people drink juice to ensure that the baby is moving around and their "parts" can be seen on the ultrasound. Personally I drank fruit juice before my first one and the baby was face down asleep and wouldnt move. I drank diet soda before the second one and she was more active.


K - November 10

I drank 7-Up because I didn't have any OJ at the office. The U/S tech even commented about how much the baby was moving. It was very easy for them to tell she was a girl. I think you may need to drink it early enough to give it a little time to kick in. I had to wait almost an hour before my appointment and she was definitely still going strong.


ry - November 10

i had mine yesterday and i ate a bowl of cereal and drank 2 gla__ses of oj and a gla__s of pepsi right before and my little angel just laid there and sucked his/her thumb the entire time. so i guess it is worth a try but theres no guarentee. (they couldnt see the heart or placenta bc of it) i notice my baby is more active late afternoon/nighttime and i guess did not want to cooperate with a 9 am u/s. :)


Romi - November 10

My Dr. booked my 20 week u/s in two weeks and recommended I drink water with two gla__ses of OJ so the baby can be more active. So I guess this does work!


kj - November 10

I drank a small amount of pepsi before my ultrasound...its been the only one since I found out I was preggers and boy was it good. I drank the soda with my lunch and my appointment was at 3:30pm....that little girl was all over the place. I have tons of great pictures!! Even one of her spread eagle! Good luck!


Preggo - November 10

I ate a sugary struddle and a cup of coffee and my little bundle STILL had its legs crossed...hehe ... Its wasn't until the radiologist kept bumping my belly with the ultrasoud probe til she moved out of the way....good luck .... Lots and Lots of baby dust to you.... Baby Move!!!



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