20 Week Ultrasound Letdown

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Ana - June 16

I went in for my 20 week ultrasound. I've had one ultrasound before to determine how far along i was in my pregnancy, and this was to be the BIG ONE. I thought that since it was going to be the only ultrasound i was going to be scheduled (unless there were complications) they would tell me the s_x of my child. When i asked, the woman said "no, not until 24 wks". I know plenty of women who went in at 20 wks and were told the s_x of their baby as well as even a woman whos going to find out at 18 wks! I also just moved to canada from the states so I'm wondering if things are just different up here... i just feel pretty slided and i'm looking for some answers as to why this happened?


leslie - June 16

well I went to my 17w or 18w ultrasound and they told me right there that it was going to be a boy! I hope that is the way they do things over there or else I would be very p__sed at the tech if she knew but just wouldn't tell!! when is your next appt? are you going back in a month?


Lynn - June 16

So are you going to get another ultrasound at 24 weeks too?


Ana - June 16

I go back to my doctor in july, yes, but not back to the ultrasound clinic. This was to be my only ultrasound, i wasn't told to come back, nor have I heard from my doctor that i would have to go back. I called them this morning and left a message about this, so i guess I'll have to see what they say when they call me back. Also, they didn't say anything about the baby being in a weird position either, they just straight up said "no, you can't tell until 24 weeks" :(


leslie - June 16

so does that mean that you won't find out the s_x, and if you want to find out you will have to pay for an ultrasound yourself?


Ana - June 16

I pay for all my ultrasounds out of pocket anyways, Im immigrating up to canada with my husband, and he got private insurance when we found out I was pregnant. My husband and I do want to pay again to find out the s_x of our baby because it's very exciting and important to us to know... i was just wondering if there was some reason they acted so weird about telling me the s_x at this ultrasound. *shrug* Im going to talk to my doctor about how disappointed i am with the ultrasound/x-ray clinic they've referred me to and see if they can point me in the direction of a better one. Congrats on the baby boy by the way! :)


SRG - June 16

I live in Canada, I just went on Monday for my 19 week U/S, I found out I was having boy. This situation must be the lab you went to. Call your doctors office, they may have doc_mented on the report however did not tell you for legality reasons. When I went the technician told me she knew and would report it but was not aloud to tell me. Of course I freaked out and called there and complained the next day so they told me. Good Luck!


Mary - June 16

Ana, I know where you are coming from. I just had my ultrasound last week (at almost 22 wks) and I was excited as you were, hoping to find out the s_x, but unfortunately she didn't tell me. She was very unfriendly as well. At my next doctor's appointment next week, I will let her now how the u/s went and maybe she'll refer me to a better one. Call your doctor and let him/her know your u/s didn't go that well and maybe they'll let you redo it? Good luck.


HP - June 16

I had the "big" u/s at 18 weeks. And they told me right there it was a boy. Maybe your baby was hiding his/her part so the tech couldn't see ?


Lesley Ann - June 17

I'm from Canada and everyone I know has always found out at 20 weeks.


SE - June 17

I saw another thread awhile back where people were talking about this same issue. If I remember correctly, the rules were different in different parts of Canada. There were several people writing in from Vancouver, I think.


jess - June 17

welcome to canada...seems like evry clinic has a different policy...like mine wont tell at all!! i have to go to a different city!!they do do it at 18 weeks, but like to wait til 24 in most cases-sometimes 28 weeks!



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