20 Week Ultrasound Today

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Holly - October 26

I am due March 10 and having my ultrasound this afternoon! For some reason I am very nervous. Is there anything I can do to make the baby move so we can (for sure) find out the s_x??!!


jbear - October 26

i did all the tricks, and "she" 80% "she" wouldnt not more or uncross her legs.....the techs though these days are great i am sure they will be able to give you a great idea of what you are having....have fun due march 11th here..teee heee


kl - October 26

i tried everything...drank orange juice, coffee, sugary cereal and my litttle one didn't move a bit so we have no idea what we are having...i wish i had better advise...good luck!


Christi - October 26

I had my ultrasound two days ago. Im due March 15th. It was so much fun. My baby would not stop moving... I watched it turn around completely and do a complete flip. It was moving so much. I got an 85% girl.... The tech said she saw it at the beginning but by the time she went to get a picture to prove it... the baby decided to become modest and cross its legs. No matter what you do.... the baby will do what it wants... believe me...lol. If my baby is as active when its born as it is in my belly... I'm in trouble. They couldnt get all the measurements they needed because it was moving so much... I get to go back on the 7th... I'll get to see my little one again...I'm excited!!! The 20 week ultrasound is amazing... you can see the hands and legs and ribs.... its the most amazing thing... Good Luck and Congratulations!!!


Tess - October 26

I can't wait til we find out the gender of our baby. My OB said he'll do another u/s around 18-20th wks....I can't wait. Im almost 11wk this Friday. Im very excited.


Jessica - October 26

I am due March 28 and went today for my level 2 u/s and found out that it is a boy. 100% boy the tech said!!! I am so excited. I ate a chocolate zinger and had a capri sun before I went in for the u/s which seemed to have worked. He was so active and wouldnt hold still. He gave us a great shot of his boy parts!! She gave me about 10 pictures to bring home along with 3 3d pictures too. How amazing!!


answer - October 26

i had an ultrasound at 15 weeks and i heard that if you drink a soda beforehand the caffiine will give them a boost to move. I dont know if it works for everyone but it sure worked for me. It was moving around so much. i hope it works again when i go on the 20th.


Lisa - October 26

I drank a can of cola before I went in ans she was moving her arms and legs all over the place. It was so cute because it's the first time I have ever seen her move; usually she is sleeping!


Lisa - October 26

I was also really nervous too Holly, because you just don't know if they are going to tell you something is wrong. Luckily everything was excellent; no cleft lip or pallett, all fingers and toes and everything measured excellent.


Holly - October 26

Well, the baby looks healthy and we are having a baby boy! I just drank 20 oz of water. He was not moving around much but he is definately a boy :)


A - October 27




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