20 Weeks 1 Day Still Haven T Felt ANYTHING

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Cad0587 - February 4

No "flutters" that everyone talks about, no nothing. This is my first pregnancy and I want to make sure this is ok. How late did all of you feel something for the first time?


punkin01 - February 4

mine started between 21-22 weeks i am overwieght so that makes it take longer but it is my 3rd ...they say first timers arent sure what they are going to feel like so they are unsure when they do feel movement so the best way i cant describe the first "flutters" is you know when your eyelid "jumps" or a musle moves or twiches it kinda feels like that at first (but in your lower abdomen between pubic bone and bellyb___ton) then as they get stronger you will SEE your belly dancing as the baby moves dont worry to much .....i have also heard that boys tend to move later than girls and this one is a boy i felt my DD (my 2nd) at 16 weeks my first son is 16 yrs old and i dont remember with him when i felt him move trust me i was worried to death before this one started moving so i know where you are coming from i am only 22 wks and 4 days so just keep us updated.......


punkin01 - February 4

i wanted to add while eating and drinking he kicks alot and after cleaning or working sit down and put your feet up and relax and that is when i feel him good to ....some suggest orange juice but it gives me horrible heartburn .......


jodie - February 4

Hi cad. When I was preg with my son I didn't feel him move until about 26 weeks. I was freeking out! At my 20 week ultrasound he was moving all over the screen and I didn't feel a thing. I wasn't overweight either I just never felt him...it was crazy. Then once I started feeling him he never stopped. Even at bedtime....lol. Now he is 14 months and still never stops. This time around I am 16weeks and I feel this little one all the time!!! Weird how it works! Good luck!


ValChil - February 5

I wouldn't worry Cad, my doc told me that if the placenta is located in front against the tummy (which mine is) movement wont be as strong...I'm sure you'll feel something soon.



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