20 Weeks And Today I Found Out We Re Having

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JoJo123 - October 30

A GIRL!!! This is my first and my due date is 3/16 and we found out today it's a girl. I'm barely showing- I lost 7 lbs within my first 2-3 months and have gained 10 lbs since then- so gained a total of 3 lbs. However, it feels like much more that seeing how I have an innertube around my waist. 3 days ago I had severe cramps and sharp pains in my lower right side (by my hips) and it was ligament stretching which is normal. I was told to take Tylenol and put my feet up for the night. The next day I felt just fine (of course still back pain, but that's normal with weight shifting). My 20 week ultrasound was 45 minutes or so and they measured and checked everything! It was a great re assurance seeing her so active. I started feeling twitches about 2 weeks ago and I'm feeling more and more everyday- but it's not consistant yet. Just wanted to update those of you who are still anxiously waiting - it's well worth the wait!! Thank goodness for technology!


Rainbowbrite - October 30

Congratulations!!!! Did they say how big she was or what she was weighing??? It is amazing isn't it!? I'm having a little girl as well and found out last week! GO PINK TEAM! Do you have any names picked out?


JoJo123 - October 30

No, when I asked the length- they said it's hard to tell b/c the baby is scruntched up. Where you could tell when they were so young b/c they didn't take up that much room. No weights or anything. Did they tell you? Is this your first? We have no names picked out yet. DH and I didn't talk about it until we found out s_x. Now we are both picking our top 4 names and putting them together and deciding from there. Any suggestions- I'm completely open to it! How far along are you?


Rainbowbrite - October 30

We were told our little girl was 9 oz and that she appeared to be long but couldn't tell us because well for the same reasons as you weren't told! It was great seeing her on the screen. We are going with the name Brooklynn Amanda (which i didn't like the middle name at first but my boyfriend picked it because it combined our mothers names in it, and it has since grown on me) This is our first child together. he has two young boys from a previous relationship so we're ecstatic it is a girl... We went out together and bought her a few things over the weekend.. We have a crib/dresser already so we just went and got some baby clothes and socks and little baby hats and barettes!!! i was so excited! I am 20 weeks as of tomorrow! Did she show herself right away? i know we almost didn't get to find out because the tech couldn't get inside her legs to see... so i had to go empty my bladder and by the time she got to looking at the baby again she had done a complete turn in my tummy and in the last two or three minutes we were getting our ultrasound she was able to tell it was a girl!!!! i always asked what it felt like to KNOW what you're babies gender was and now i know and we're sooooo thrilled!!!! Congrats to you!!!


cynthia502 - October 30

Congrats on your baby girl JoJo123!!!! I am happy to hear that everything checked out great! I will find out Nov 21...that's my next u/s at 19+ weeks. We just found out 2.5 weeks ago that we are having twins, so now that that shock is over we want to find out boys, girls, or one of each!!! Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy!!!


cynnababy - October 30

Congrats on your baby girl! I am going for my BIG scan in 2 weeks. I can hardly wait!!!


Mel Page - October 31

Welcome to the pink club babe, I'm 22 weeks and I'm aslo having a girly, she's sooooo active it's unbelievable. Congrats and God Bless!!! Love Melony


JoJo123 - October 31

rainbowbrite- we're so close in timing, that's cool! We could tell right away, apparently she is pretty free and likes to show her "parts"- lol. They could tell right away by seeing the three white lines on the screen. My dh joked later that it was the boys 2 testies and the unit wasn't fully formed yet- ha,ha! They completed all the pictures and then asked me to go to the bathroom and they wanted to check my parts and they checked one last time, just to confirm. I'm so glad that you got to find out, even if it took a little bit! It's worth it, she must be pretty shy :) I'm feeling more and more movement, but she is very inconsitant. I can't wait till I can feel it and have my dh feel her kick. They taped abotu 5 minutes of the ultrasound for us too- so after reviewing her kicking the c___p out of me, I now know why I wake up in the middle of the night. Well, I'm glad all is well and you got your little girl! Take care, keep in touch- it's nice to have someone who's experiencing the same things as you are. cynthia- congrats to you. Wow, twins! I'm surprised that it took so long for them to tell you that you had two heartbeats. Good for you! Are you hoping for a particular s_x? Probably one boy and one girl? Seems like that's what everyone wants :) Keep me updated once you find out! crynnababy- besides waiting for the little bean to be here- the ultrasound is the longest wait ever! But, it's well worth it! Good Luck- keep me posted. Do you have a feeling? At first I thought a boy and after 3 weeks - I knew it was a girl. I thought that since I was 3 months. It must be a mother's intuition :) Mel- yeah for girls :) I can't believe that I'm going to have a girl. I thought b/c my dh is 1 of 3 sons and I have 1 brother, 0 sisters. I'm still shocked!


Iamamiracleangel - November 2

Congrats!! :) Seems as though almost everyone I know is having a boy (including myself), so it's good to hear from the pink team! Woohoo!



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