20 Weeks No Fetal Movement And Scared

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Leslie - October 17

Hello all. As a first time mom I'm probably a little paranoid but I'm 20 weeks with a baby boy and have felt no movement whatsoever. I've drank juice, laid on my left side for hours and have desperately tried to feel or notice anything with no luck. I had a ultrasound at 18 weeks which showed a healthy baby and my doctor said I should be feeling him by now. Any thoughts on what the cause is? Thanks so much for any reassurance anyone can give me!!


Charlene - October 17

I will be 20 weeks tomorrow and still have not felt movement either. I have heard that it can be anywhere from 17-24 weeks. So don't panic - if all seems well with the u/s etc. We always seem to be waiting :)


Emy - October 17

I am 22 weeks and I only really started feeling her last week...so, please don't worry yet. I know how frustrating it can be, but I guarantee it will happen soon...


Maggie - October 17

With my first I didn't feel him until I was 22 weeks. I also didn't start showing until then. Don't worry, you also don't know exactly what you are feeling for. The feeling of the baby kicking is something totally unique. You will know when you feel it, because you have never felt anything like it. Good Luck!


hc - October 17

hello. i am 20 wks as well with my first. i don't feel kicking per se, but i feel those wierd bubbles in areas of my belly that is definitely not gas or other digestive action, it is the baby! So have you felt strange bubbles or flutters? Because that might actually be the baby. It is kind of strange for us first timers because we don't really know what to look/feel for. good luck!!


Leslie - October 17

Thank you all so much...I had a miscarriage earlier this year and I'm just terrifed that something is going to go wrong again. I feel like I've made it so far this time but I can never get away from that shadow that keeps following me. The best of luck with all your babies and thanks again!!


Bonnie - October 17

I didn;t feel my first movements until week 21. I believe it is common not to feel up to 24 weeks in a first pregnancy. Don't worry, you will feel the little bugger soon :)...P.S. and I agree with Magiie, it is very unique. It might feel a little like gas early on (which is maybe why we don't recognise it right away as first time preggos), but you will not miss it in within the mext month or so. It simply feels like something squirming about :D



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