20 Wk U S Revealed A Cyst In Baby S Brain Do U Know

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HeatherIsHopeful - May 31

yummy_mummy89... I know this post is old so this is in response to your post. My baby had a cyst at my 20 us also.. it went away and she is healthy as can be. your doc is right, the cysts usually go away.. its part of the development or something so they are actually fairly common. try not to stress to bad, good luck hon, hope everything works out for you and your little one.


yummy_mummy89 - June 4

thank you so much for your help and encouragement! =)


clindholm - June 4

yummymummy- My dd too had the cysts at the 18 week u/s. She is now 18 months and perfectly healthy- they really are a normal part of development and will go away. You just don't see them in every single baby. Your doc should have explained it better. Do not worry!


rstairs - July 9

Thank you guys, they found one my baby as well. My wife is really worried. We are supposed to have a appointment with a specialist set up Monday. I've been doing research and found this thread. thanks, it is certainly reasurring


marlaynalynn - December 20

I checked out this forum because I had a Fetal Echo done today and the heart specialists said they seen a bump or bubble growing on his or her head. I asked if its bad they said they are unsure and that it could lead to heart problems, deformities, or throat problems so I am now really scared for my little baby. I have two girls one born in 2009, second one 2010 they had no sighns of these things so I am hoping that if this is my first son that there is nothing wrong and he will be ok. My worry is high because I am a type one diabetic and whent heyt ellme anything could be wrong with ym baby I get scared. First one grew too fast and could have been still born thankfully is and was healthy second one was 34 weeks 2 days old when born and in N.I.C.U. for two weeks but is now growing like a flower and healthy as can be I have an ultrasound tomorrow where they'll look at it more closely I pray and hope there are no concerns and that everything is ok.


marlaynalynn - December 22

I so wish my baby had a cyst but I can officially not do much anymore now apparently the thing growing on my babys head is his or her cerebellum and there head is in the shape of a lemon instead of an egg or oval and he or she will not make it the doctors said. Longest known child to live after birth was 8 months from all the mothers love and care. I am praying that the love I have will help and the vitamins im taking will also help and I just pray the doctors are wrong and a miracle will happen and baby will live fora long and happy healthy life. Thanks all. For your stories I so hoped it was a cyst but Its not.


adeel - April 16

Can you please tell me why an amnio is not recommended? What are the side effects?


Jmennel - April 18

My wife is now 28 weeks pregnant. At 22 week sonogram they saw a cyst on babies brain and that combined with the club foot had doctor concerned their may be a genetic disorder. We did an amnio and everything came back normal. As of her last sonogram the cyst is gone and worse case scenario is the baby may have a brace for his or her club foot when he they are born but should be long forgotten by the time the baby is walking. We learned that cyst by themselves are very common and one should not panic although it is very troubling to hear.


marlaynalynn - April 23

IM so glad the cyst is gone for you guys. But still my daughter is in trouble no cyst I will pray for everyone having troubles please pray for my little Faith, Destiny, Delina, Janvier that she will continue to grow strong since I am 38weeks now close to due date. She is breathing in u/s's and not breached anymore If she can scream or cry when born that will be a good sighn that she can have her operation on her head and live long time the prayers Id really appreciate would be that she crys or screams when born and that her surgeries go good and that she will not be blind or quadriplegic like the doctors say. Im hoping for a miracle that she will be ok and doctors are wrong.



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