20week And The Baby Movements

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july22 - July 22

hi, i am 20week and i have been feeling the baby movements when i was in 19week but i don't feel the movements daily they are like ..if i feel today two or three times then i will not feel tomm. I wanna ask u ladies that is this normal. This is my first baby and as u know if u have first baby u will worry alot.Plz help me and reply me....thanks


Nikki - July 22

I am 20 weeks as well and really only feel the baby here and there and it is usually when I get off work and lay down for awhile late at night is when I feel him move....and this is my 3rd so it is normal you really don't have to worry about kick counts or anything until you are further along like after your 24 weeks or something like that....I am sure everything is fine...I worry sometimes too that is just part of being a mom but we are still early in our pregnancy some don't feel good movement until 26-27 weeks so you are fine feel lucky that you feel him move already for being your first....I didn't feel my first until I was like 6 1/2 months so you are fine....


Jackie - July 22

Yes, the same thing happens to me. I can feel a lot one day and not the next. I felt him all day yesterday and have felt him once or twice today. I asked my doctor yesterday and she said it's perfectly normal and you shouldn't start feeling it everday until week 22. I am also 20 weeks. She said the baby is just still too small to feel all the time. Hope this helps.


july22 - July 22

thanks!! yeah sure these two reply really help me. I am just thinking soo much or my husband says that u are insane.heheeeeeeeeee.Anyways thanks for the reply.


Ashley - July 22

I had worried about this too, I had been feeling my baby since 17 weeks so figured I would feel her regularly...and I didnt! But I feel her every once in awhile, my doctor says even at this stage the baby has to be in the right position and facing the right way for you to feel the little *pokes* You dont need to worry (my doc says ) until 25 weeks.



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